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3D-NET Kick-off Meeting in Dublin

Our kick off meeting was celebrated in Dublin on the 17th of September 2013 at the Conway Institute, in UCD. At the meeting all final details for the implementation of the project were discussed. From left to right on the photo below: Dr Yolanda Fernandez (Gadea); DrYolanda Diebold (University of Valladolid); Drs Rob Jones and Sharon Cheetham (RenaSci); Dr Breandán Kennedy (UCD, Project Coordinator); Dr Robert Haigh (KalVista) and Dr Yolanda Alvarez (UCD, Project Manager).

3D-NET: Dr Yolanda Fernandez (Gadea); Dr Yolanda Diebold (University of Valladolid); Drs Rob Jones and Sharon Cheetham (RenaSci); Dr Breandan Kennedy (UCD, project coordinator); Dr Robert Haigh (KalVista) and Dr Yolanda Alvarez (UCD, project manager)