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First Secondment Achieved in 3D-NET Our first secondment, Dr Claire Kilty from University College Dublin, has just returned from her first short stay in the Company RenaSci (Nottingham, UK).

She has described the experience as very positive and is really excited about her next longer visit to this company planned for later in spring. Apart from all the techniques that she was able to observe and learn over these 2 weeks, she gained a good insight into the differences between academia and industry as well as the kind of work required for both.




“I really enjoyed Nottingham, I found the city very friendly and there were lots of nice places to eat and great places for shopping” she adds.


Overall we are very happy with this first pilot experience, and we thank both Claire (our brave “guinea pig” taking a secondment in 3D-NET) and RenaSci for their hospitality and gigantic efforts to assure that everything worked so well.