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Zebrafish Retina among the best Images of Irish Research

This image, entitled Finding Colour in a Black&White World and created by Dr Breandán Kennedy, is one of the 12 finalists in the well-known Irish competition UCD Images of Research. It shows the neurons in the retina which enable us to see colour and comes from a study that created a zebrafish model of a human disease that causes blindness due to loss of colour photoreceptors.

 Finding Colour in a Black&White World by Breandan Kennedy 

Dr Breandan Kennedy explains in the following link how to interpret his “eye-catching” image of a zebrafish retina. He also talks about the use and impact of the zebrafish model in retinal disease research. Breandan Kennedy is the Coordinator of the Project and Scientific Responsible for 3DNET in UCD. (Audio file)


Once this Exhibition finishes in Dublin, Images of Research from Ireland will tour internationally and on invitation from the European Commission will then present the exhibition at the EU Innovation Convention 2014 in Brussels.