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Ag-Biota Conference, 31st March 2005

Presentations available to download

"Biodiversity in the Farmed Landscape: Building a Knowledge Base to Inform Agri-environmental Policy"

This conference, with national and international speakers, sought to stimulate and inform the debate on our state of knowledge concerning the impact of modern agriculture on biodiversity within the wider environment. It highlighted the particular needs of policy makers in developing agri-environmental policy compatible with the aims of the Common Agricultural policy (CAP). The conference included presentations on the output of Ag-Biota, a large agri-environmental research project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the provisions of the ERTDI Programme 2000-2006.

Contact details: Dr. Gordon Purvis (Ag-Biota Co-ordinator), Faculty of Agri-Food and the Environment
Tel: (01) 716 7726. Email.

Presentations from the conference are available to download (Acrobat PDF format):

MORNING SESSION (full presentations)

Mr. Larry Stapleton, Director of Environmental Protection Agency:

Opening Remarks (20 kB)

Prof. Michael B. Usher:

"Research, strategies and policies for protecting Scotland's rural biodiversity" (72 kB)

Dr. Jim McAdam:

"Biodiversity monitoring and policy-support in Northern Ireland" (840 kB)

Mr. Frank Rath:

"The future focus and priority of biodiversity in the Rural Environmental Protection Scheme (REPS)" (56 kB)

Dr. Gordon Purvis on behalf of the Ag-Biota team:

"Relevance, aims and progress of the Ag-Biota Project" (764 kB)


AFTERNOON SESSION: "Exploring the Ag-Biota Research Programme"

(Single page abstracts)

Dr. Annette Anderson, Dr. Alvin Helden and Dr. Gordon Purvis:

"Assessing indicators of biodiversity in agricultural grassland"

Mr. Barry McMahon and Prof. John Whelan:

"Bird diversity and the Field Boundary Evaluation System"

Ms. Veronica Santorum and Prof. John Breen:

"Biodiversity of bumblebees on Irish farms"

Dr. Jan-Robert Baars and Dr. Mary Kelly-Quinn:

"Monitoring freshwater biodiversity in the farmed landscape and comparison with 'least impacted' conditions"

Ms. Laura Kirwan, Dr. John Connolly, Dr. John Finn and Prof. Tom Bolger:

"Measuring the functional value of biodiversity"


News - Media coverage

The Irish Times, Saturday, 7 August, 2004 (free content)

The Irish Times, Friday, 1 April, 2005 (requires subscription)

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