Owen Brennan of Devenish Nutrition conferred with UCD honorary degree

Pictured at the conferring were President of UCD Prof. Andrew Deeks, Owen Brennan and Professor Alex Evans, Dean, UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science.

At the recent Agriculture, Food Science and Human Nutrition Conferring Ceremony on 31st August 2015, UCD acknowledged the considerable achievements of Owen Brennan by conferring on him the title of Honorary Doctor of Science.

Owen Brennan is presently Executive Chairman of Devenish Nutrition, an agri-technology company, which has grown from being a small local supplier to an international technology-driven, research-focussed organisation.

Owen attended UCD studying Agricultural Science and he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelors of Agricultural Science and later graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 1992. In 1997 Owen led a team to acquire Devenish Nutrition, which has expanded rapidly in the intervening years and is now the largest independently owned manufacturer of premix, creep and speciality feed products in the UK, with a turnover in excess of £150m.

During the citation read at the Ceremony, Prof Alex Evans, School of Agriculture and Food Science said “From what I have learned about Owen Brennan he has applied the principals of a scientist to the work that Devenish does. The company are actively engaged in research and the generation of new knowledge. They continue to make substantial investments in research and development and technical capabilities, resulting in a more complete and value driven service for its customers. As a consequence, Devenish Nutrition has been able to introduce a number of innovative specialised products, which were developed and manufactured in house. Customers are primarily looking for greater efficiencies in their food production systems. However, Owen Brennan is taking this a step further now where the company have the vision to provide advanced animal nutrition for the benefit of human health – in other words feeding animals to produce superior healthier foods for you and me the consumers of agricultural products. I am sure there is a lot more to come in this area.”