Agile provides training, mentoring, project support, consultation and facilitation to help the University run the most effective and efficient processes it can. There are multiple approaches that can be taken to solve process-related challenges/oppertunities and since each project is unique, we will work with you and see how best we can help you. The supports we provide range “from coffee to project… and the spectrum in between”. At one end of the spectrum we support and mentor Lean Six Sigma projects, at the other end we are here to chat to you and help explore your ideas. 

If there are processes in UCD you would like to change, make better or create then UCD Agile can help. Whether you have an idea you want to talk through or a complete improvement project you would like support with, we are available to work with you. Contact us and we can talk.

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Use us as a sounding board for any early stage ideas you have. We are happy to meet you for an informal chat (and a coffee!). 

We will help you explore potential projects or process improvement initiatives you might be considering. Exploration typically involves informal meetings where we identify what your project might involve and the training and supports you may need to make it a success.

Project framing translates an idea into a formal project definition. Often this involves fleshing out the project so that it is clear what needs to be achieved and what approach should be taken to deliver the project. We have found that framing is key to ensuring project success. 

There are lots of ways we can support you on your project/initiative (large or small). Some examples of how we might work with you are:

  • Consultancy - this may involve a single person or a wider group such as a project team. We can help you use Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques on a challenge you are working on. For example, we can offer you expertise in process enhancement and design, from problem identification and selection right through to root cause analysis, brainstorming and sustainable control of improvements.  
  • We deliver customised workshops. Often these workshops are held in our work smarter space in Ardmore Annex but we can also come to you. Examples of workshops include process mapping, brainstorming and voice of the customer gathering.
  • Mentoring - we can work with you on how best to apply your Lean Six Sigma training to the project you are working on. This kind mentoring is of great use in the early days of developing skills and experience.

Agile have partnered with an external training company who provide training in the Lean Six Sigma process enhancement and design methodology. Since project-related training has more impact and relevance for participants, most of the training we have delivered has focused on those already involved or soon to be involved in project or process enhancment initiatives. 

See our Training page for more details. 

People are at the heart of Strategic Initiative 6 - supporting, learning, collaborating, celebrating and building on each other’s successes. Therefore, UCD Agile is sponsoring Work Smarter Together (WST) which focuses on celebrating creative collaborations in UCD.

This year at WST 2017, the university wide event on the 15th March, the Registrar announced that Work Smarter Together is 'more than a one day event', and so the WST Communities of Practice were launched. As the sponsor for this initiative, UCD Agile are supporting all WST related events, newsletters and have developed a dedicated website for all things WST, click here for further details.



We want to hear from you! If you want to get in touch visit our contact page to send us a message.