UCD Agile provides training in Lean process enhancement and design methodology, providing staff with excellent techniques for improving work processes and customer satisfaction. UCD staff can book a place on one of our upcoming training days through the booking centre in InfoHub.

We survey participants after training sessions with a view to continually improve and meet the University’s needs. Feedback to date shows that training works best when associated with the ‘doing’ of projects and that the value of the training ‘sticks’ better if is being put to practical use.

Lean Six Sigma training is available to UCD staff interested in engaging in continuous improvement activity. There are a number of different levels of training available. Agile has partnered with an external training company who provide staff members with Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Lean Champion training. The Fundamentals of Lean for UCD is delivered by UCD Agile, this programme has been developed to deliver staff with White Belt level training specific to the UCD context.

Please contact us to discuss what training makes the most sense for you.


New Training Announced:

Lean Practitioner

A new way for ‘yellow belt’ trainees to get recognised for how they have made use of their training in practice – through writing up and submitting an example.  This develops their training, sustains their skills and gives access to on-going support from Agile.

Recognition for yellow belts

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Remit Mapping

A new way to explore and map out the ‘now’ of a team, helping team leads build their operations map before they look at changes they might make.

Training for team leads in how to use remit mapping

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Lean Operations 

Bringing Lean into daily operations, supporting teams, supporting their businesses.  How do you bring customer, value, metrics etc. into all the good operations stuff happing all the time?

Training for team leads in using Lean

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Introductory Training

The Fundamentals of Lean for UCD/ White Belt

Audience: all staff with an interest in supporting or contributing to continuous improvement in UCD; those associated with projects or project areas are prioritised.

Duration: Half day

Description: This White Belt level training is an introduction to how Lean Six Sigma is used for continuous improvement in UCD. Participants are provided with an overview of the Lean approach to process improvement and the Six Sigma approach to problem solving. Participants are exposed to continuous improvement tools/techniques through hands on exercises using real UCD processes.


Team Member Training

Yellow Belt

Audience: Key participants on a project are prioritised

Duration: One day

Description: This training provides participants with a good understanding of the concepts and key tools of Lean Six Sigma and includes a hands on lean process simulation exercise. On completion trainees will be ready to actively participate on Lean Six Sigma projects.

“Using examples from an active UCD project worked well in my session” - Yellow Belt Trainee

Team Lead Training

Green Belt

Audience: The lead on an Agile 

Duration: 6 Days (3 sessions of 2 days) plus mentoring

Description: Participants will learn to successfully launch a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project by refining a project charter, leading a project team, garnering support for the project from process stakeholders and ensuring a common understanding of the process across all project participants and stakeholders.

"The ongoing support from the mentor gave me great confidence in my ability to deliver my project" - Green Belt Trainee

Project Selection and Sponsorship

Lean Champion

Audience: Potential Project Sponsors and those with a management responsibility

Duration: Half day

Description:  Provides attendees with the knowledge and know how to implement a Lean Six Sigma programme roll-out successfully and provides managers with the skills necessary to identify, prioritise and manage Lean Six Sigma projects to success.

"The session provided good tools and outlined the thought process how you should evaluate potential projects." - Lean Champion Trainee


Agile Training Survey - Whats been happening since training?

Watch this space, results of our 2018 Training Survey coming soon!

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