When you have successfully completed Stage 1 and move into Stage 2, you will choose the subject/s that you will take to degree level. You will need to complete 60 credits at Stage 2 and a further 60 credits at Stage 3. The grades from the modules you completed and passed in Stages 2 and 3 will determine your overall degree award.

Majors refer to your degree concentration and indicate the subject/s you have taken to degree level. The first thing you will do when registration opens for Stage 2 is pick your majors. You have two choices:

SINGLE HONOURS: You specialise in one subject (you will already be set up for this)

JOINT HONOURS: You take two subjects, each of equal weight

Please click here for the modules required for subject progression. 

You may need assistance with registration from the Office if:

  • You failed modules
  • You had Extenuating Circumstances
  • You are returning from a Leave of Absence
  • You progressed to Stage 2 in January 2018 (mid-year progressor)