Stage 2 Progression FAQ

When thinking about Stage 2 what are my options?

As a DN500 students will complete your BA degree in two subjects (Joint Major) by choosing from those subjects you meet Progression Requirements for. Some students may have decided to concentrate on one subject (Single Subject Major) and will have contacted the relevant Schools over the summer.
Equally some of you may have entered on a Single Subject degree, have taken extra subjects in first year and then made a Programme Transfer application in the summer to continue on a Joint Honours programme in Stage 2.

I just finished Semester 2 and am ready to move to Stage 2. Can I study subjects at Stage 2 that I did not attempt the required credits for at Stage 1?

No, not until you take up the Stage 1 modules required for progression in the new subject. While it is possible to take up a new subject once you are in Stage 2 there are limitations. The Office can advise you which subject combinations may be possible. There are also time and fees implications which should be checked with Student Desk. Finally, we advise you to contact the relevant School for academic advice when you are thinking of choosing a new subject before you make any decisions.

What if I don’t get enough credits to progress to Stage 2?

The first thing you must do is address the causes of the unearned credits. There is an opportunity to re-evaluate. Talk to your Schools and Arts and Humanities Office for advice. Then plan to take the failed or missing modules at the earliest opportunity through Resits/Resits or Substitutes. While taking these modules, you may also be able to take some modules from Stage 2; in effect you are taking modules in advance of progressing (Next Stage Modules). You may be able to register to Stage 2 modules through the electives tab and assign these to Stage 2. But be careful, watch your workload and follow advice from your subject areas prior to taking on next stage modules.

If I don’t have 50 credits after my first year, can I progress to Stage 2 at the end of Semester 1 next year?

This is called mid-year progression. Once Semester 1 results are released in January you will know if you now meet the credit requirements as well as subject requirements too. At this point you must specify your majors for your degree. You may have taken some next-stage modules in Semester 1 already and can now further select modules for Semester 2. The Office will contact you in December or January so keep an eye on your emails. In some instance a Leave of Absence may be advised instead of continuing immediately. You must be pro-active about this. Do not wait to be contacted and to be reminded of what you must do.

Why should I take Next Stage modules?

The main reason may be to make good use of your time and to help progress you with your subjects; however, you must be careful about this. Your priority is to make up your failed modules and you should not take on too much. Whatever you do, you must focus on your failed first year modules, using next-stage modules strategically and complementarily to your main task of moving forward with your degree.
When choosing your next stage modules, plan for what you will do once you meet your first year (Stage 1) requirements. If this will happen at the end of the first semester, make sure that you have chosen modules that will make your transition to Stage 2 easier. Check core modules and pre-requisites before making your choices, and consult with your School.

What are my Workload Requirements?

The expectation is that you will take 60 credits over the two semesters of each academic session or year. You cannot attempt fewer than 20 or more than 40 in a single semester and you cannot attempt fewer than 50 or more than 70 in an academic year. While Repeats do count toward your workload, Resits do not. It is really important to seek academic advice from your School and the Office if you find you have too many modules to be completed overall.