You must complete 60 credits at each Stage of your Programme.  However, you can progress to Stage 3 as long as you have earned at least 110 credits over Stages 1 and 2.  You will need to make appropriate arrangements to complete any outstanding credits prior to degree completion.

STAGE 4 BA International

If you successfully completed your year abroad, you will advance to Stage 4. Please check your record carefully to ensure that you do not carry any outstanding credits from Stages 1 and 2.

If you did not manage to complete and fully earn your 60 International credits while abroad, you should first and foremost link in with the UCD International Office for advice.


You may need advice from the Office about your registration if:

  • You failed modules
  • You had Extenuating Circumstances
  • You are returning from a Leave of Absence
  • You progressed to Stage 3 in January last year (Mid-Year Progressor)


You have primary responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements for the stage and the degree overall. To find out more about Compliance click here for more information on what is needed to complete your Programme for University AND subject requirements. If you are unsure whether you are on target to meet both sets of requirements, you can contact the School for subject-specific advice but you can also contact the Office, either at our counter or through the online Office Connector, to see you meet overall requirements as well.

The online syllabus guide will inform you of the core and option modules required for your degree subjects at each stage:

For previous years, select Curriculum Archive at the top of the page and select the year from the drop down menu.