BA STUDENTS 2018-2019





Where can I find information about dates for online registration?

Dates for online registration are available at:

and from the information under the Registration page at:

For a very limited number of scenarios, registration may be manual and require the intervention of the Office.  Those scenarios and associated dates are listed here.

Are there are any guides to assist me with my online registration?

Registration guides can be accessed online at

My SIS account has been locked. Who do I contact?

You need to contact the Student Desk. See

I have a fee query. Who do I contact?

You need to contact the Student Desk. See

I need a Certificate of Attendance. Where can I find information?

Information is available at

What are the Arts and Humanities Office opening hours?

We are open for face to face contact with students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9.30 am to 12.45 pm and on Wednesday from 2.00 pm to 4.45 pm. We offer late opening for BA Part-Time (Evening) students during term time; day and time to be advised.

Please see for telephone and e-mail contact details.

I have a query about a module’s academic content/assessment strategy. Who do I contact?

You should check the online Course Search facility at Click on the 'Undergraduate' tab under '2018/19 Programmes' and then select BA under 'Arts & Humanities'.

If you still have questions, you should contact the relevant School. Contact details are available at

I need to change the stage of one of my completed modules. Who do I contact?

You need to come to the Office and complete a Stage Re-Assignment Form. Stage Re-assignment is only permitted in certain scenarios and requires Programme Board approval.


I have a technical online registration issue, e.g. I have registered to a module online but cannot see it on my timetable. Who do I contact?

You need to contact the Student Desk. See

I am unable to access module registration. Why might this be?

This may be because you have fee holds on your account. Students with fee queries should contact the Student Desk

All students should check their UCD Connect e-mail accounts for their Start Time for module registration.

Further information on Registration Start Times is available at

I have a query about my registration. What information must I know before making any queries?

You need to know what programme you are registered to; you need to know what Stage you are in; you need to know the modules that you are currently registered to and any modules that you may have already completed – you can find this information in your UView online page on SISWeb. If your registration query relates to a specific module, you need to know the module code and the module title.

I have a query about my programme status?

Your UView online page on SISWeb will outline the modules that you have already passed and the modules to which you are currently registered. If you still are unclear about your programme status, please call into us.

I wish to take two modules but they are clashing on the timetable. Am I permitted to take them?

No. You are required to complete all components of modules and therefore cannot be registered to clashing modules. Exemptions may be possible in very limited scenarios, for example when a Repeat module clashes with another module - please call into us in the Office for advice.

A module that I wish to register to is full. Am I permitted to take it?

No. There are physical limits in places on modules. If a module is full and the lecture theatre has reached its maximum capacity, unfortunately nothing can be done. You may inform the relevant School of your interest in the module so that they are aware that a demand exists, but you cannot ask them to put you into a module. Sometimes places become free during the change of mind time period but places cannot be reserved on waiting lists. If places do become available they will be released from 3.00 pm each Monday to Friday during the online registration period. Details of modules for which places will be released will be updated daily at

Repeats/Resits/Substitution – applies to continuing students who have earned less than the required number of credits from a previous stage

I did not earn 60 credits last year. How do I make up the outstanding credit?

You will see any outstanding modules failed under the ‘Repeats/Subs/Transf’ tab in your SIS online registration pages. You will be able to select the repeat/resit as appropriate.

Further information on remediating failed modules is available at

Further information on registration steps for remediating failed modules is available at:

If the module is no longer offered you will be required to substitute the failed module. Please see information below.

Can I substitute a failed module?

You may be able to substitute a failed option or elective module, provided that:

  • there are places in the new module you wish to take
  • it satisfies programme requirements
  • you satisfy any pre-requisites; and
  • that the module fits in with your timetable.

It is not possible to substitute core modules.

How do I substitute a failed module?

Students wishing to substitute a failed option or elective module should consult the document Registration Dates including Non-Standard Registration Dates 2017-18

I have been awarded WX grades. How do I register?

Students who have been awarded WX grades for modules in a previous academic session can register to these modules online. Those modules will appear under the ‘Repeats/Subs/Transf’ tab in your SIS online registration.

Where you cannot complete registration to the module where you were awarded a WX grade in a previous year, it may be that the module is no longer offered and if so you will need to be manually registered to a substitute module.  To complete this registration, you should come to the Office.  The Office will be able to assist you from the dates specified here!

I was awarded an IX grade in Semester 1 2018-19. What do I need to do?

If you received an IX grade you do not need to re-register to the module. You need to contact your Module Co-ordinator as soon as possible for information on how to complete missing components for the module. Please note that IX grades must be completed by the end of the subsequent semester, i.e. by the end of Semester 2 2018-19.

I am a non-denominated BA student repeating Stage 1, but wish to take up some modules from Stage 2. Is this possible?

You may be able to take up some Stage 2 modules while repeating Stage 1, i.e. take “next Stage” modules. You will register to next Stage modules via the elective tab in your SIS online registration. Registration is dependent on elective capacity in the modules, compatibility with your timetable and your ability to satisfy any pre-requisites. Be very careful that you do not overburden yourself by combining resits/repeats with too many additional next Stage credits.

Information on registration to electives is available at

If you are choosing modules from Stage 2 of your programme as electives, ensure that you seek academic advice from your School and assign those modules to Stage 2 in your SIS online registration.

I have a query about a grade that I received. Who do I contact?

You need to contact the relevant Module Co-ordinator or School to investigate. Contact details are available at

I progressed with 50/55 credits and my repeat is clashing with one of my new modules. What do I do?

In some cases the module co-ordinator may deem it academically appropriate to exempt students in this scenario from certain elements of the repeat module. If the module co-ordinator is able to do so the relevant School will then assist you in your registration. The appropriate form can be downloaded at "Forms and Policies" page on this website 

I have a question on resits/repeats for modules that I failed in Semester 1 (2018/19). What should I do?

You should check for comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).