Getting the Most Out of Semester 2

Changing your Registration and Engaging with Supports

Your first semester has given you a flavour of your Subject Streams, including those you took in addition to the CAO choices. Online registration re-opens on the 9th January 2018 and closes again on 30th January 2018[1]. You can use the ‘change of mind’ window to reflect this experience. During this period, you will be able to make changes to Option modules and Electives for Semester 2 depending on availability of places and timetabling constraints. Always refer to the Progression requirements for each subject when making any changes; click here for more information and contact your Programme Office!

Adding a new subject Stream

Or perhaps you want to explore the opportunity of taking up a new subject. In this case, please contact the Programme Office. We are open from 3rd January so you can do this in advance of online registration re-opening. Together we can discuss what alternative subjects may be available[2] and then complete the relevant Subject Change Form. For advice and information on Subjects attend a Subject Academic Advisory Session  below.

Continuation Procedure

Students who failed modules in Semester 1 will be contacted by email with useful information and may be invited to a meeting to discuss how the programme can support them in getting their studies back on track. This action links in with our Continuation Policy which seeks to identify timely interventions in helping students progress in their studies.

Repeats and Resits

Should you have failed a module/s in Semester 1 there are a range of remediation possibilities available. You will have the opportunity to register to Resits/Repeats after the release of Provisional Exam Results on 24th January 2018 using SISWeb online Registration. You will also find general information regarding remediation on this webpage.

Please keep your Semester 2 workload achievable but not taking on too much in a semester[3]. You should pay particular attention to progression requirements for your preferred subjects when deciding on taking any resit/repeats offered in Semester 2. Seek advice from your Programme Office to devise an approach to get you on track. For information on fees and grants contact Student Desk!

Substitution of failed modules

After provisional results are published, you also have the opportunity of Substituting failed Option or Elective modules where permitted, instead of resitting or repeating them[4]. Please note that substitution fees will apply. Click here for information on Substitutions.

Making Informed Decisions!

Having failed modules there is an opportunity to step back and reflect on your module, and even your subject choices. For instance, if you decide to substitute failed modules you could drop that Subject Stream and then, where possible, take up a new subject instead. In that case, please contact the Programme Office as soon as possible. Together we can discuss what alternative subjects[5] may be available and then complete the relevant Subject Change Form. For advice and information on Subjects you should attend the Subject Academic Advisory Sessions; see below.

This is one way of responding. However, there are many ways and strategies to help you get on track with your degree including taking a Leave of Absence so do not be shy about asking for advice; contact your Programme Office or School for advice and assistance with registration, or a Student Advisor (if you a require advice of more complex and personal matters).

If you found you had difficulty with understanding a particular subject, or if you have a query regarding a grade, you should contact the relevant module co-ordinators (check Course Search and the UCD Online Directory for contact details). For extensive information on exam results click here!

Subject Academic Advisory Sessions, Monday, 29th January

As you progress to Stage 2 you will be required to choose the two subjects you wish to continue with for your Joint Major degree. Some subjects also offer a Single Major degree. It is very important that you begin planning for the next stage of your degree now. To assist you in choosing your degree subjects and planning for Stage 2, Academic Advisory sessions will be held at School level on Monday, 29th January.

Details with be available here soon!


[1] Registration to modules is possible after registration closes on the 30th January through the Programme Office. However, you will require written permission from the module coordinator to register late to a mo0dules, which may not be given.

[2] Even if modules are full, as other students are changing their registrations, module places can become available. You should therefore keep a close watch in SISWeb to see if you can register to a place.

[3] For University regulations on normal workload allowances please click here.

[4] You cannot substitute Core modules if you are continuing with its associated subject.

[5] Some subjects have modules in Semester 1 only, which are required to progress to Stage 2. Check each subject’s Progression Requirements by clicking here!