It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they meet all university, programme and subject requirements.

Check University Requirements

You must earn 180 credits to graduate (240 credits if you are taking an international degree). However, it is not just any combination of 180 credits that will do. There are limits and requirements on the number of credits that you can obtain from modules at different levels:

  • No more than 80 credits may be taken from Level 1, or below (e.g. ENG10050, ECON10010), of which no more than 10 credits can be taken from Level 0 (e.g. IR00010). 
  • At least 100 credits must be from modules at Level 2 or above (e.g. ENG20040).
  • Within these 100 credits, at least 40 credits must be at Level 3 or above (e.g. MUS30460 or IS40310).
  • You must complete 60 credits in each of the 3 stages (or 4 stages if on an International degree).

These totals are a university requirement which you must achieve. Check the bottom of your Credit Statement in SIS for further information.

Check Programme and Subject Requirements

In addition to the university requirements, you must also meet programme and subject requirements:

  • In Stages 2 and 3/4 you must obtain a specified number of credits in each subject/major; 25 credits in each joint-major subject per stage, or 50 credits in a single-subject major per stage. You must also obtain 10 elective credits in each stage. You may take in programme from within your subject areas, or general electives from outside.
  • If you are unsure about programme requirements, please contact the Programme Office.
  • For information and advice on subject requirements, use the Course Search, or if in doubt contact your school for advice.
  • You MUST pass ALL Core modules (and any 'compulsory' modules from other stages, e.g. for a Sociology Joint Major, SOC10010 offered in Stage 1)
  • You must have the correct number of Options from groups where specified.
  • You must satisfy any subject specific requirements regarding levels (e.g. of the 5 option modules required in Stage 3 Economics Joint Major, at least 4 must be at Level 3), while keeping in mind the overall university requirements on levels outlined above.