For various reasons some students do not earn sufficient credits to progress to their next stage. Students who have fully attempted their stage, but earned fewer than 50 credits will be set up as Repeat Stage 1 students. This does not necessarily involve repeating the full academic year, but is considered a separate attempt to make up the outstanding credits and move toward Stage 2. There are many ways this Repeat Stage can be planned. Therefore it is important that support and advice are sought early. There may also be fees and grants implications so contact the Student Desk in time to find out all you need to know about fees and grants before you decide how to make up missing credit.

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How to Make Up Missing Credit

Repeats and Resits

You can choose to focus on remediating your failed modules in your Repeat Stage through Resits/Repeats. If you are having difficulty with understanding   a particular subject, your first step is to contact the relevant module co-ordinators (check Course Search) in relation to their specific modules or contact the relevant Schools for academic advice on the subject as a whole. Engaging with the school and availing of their academic supports can help you achieve your goals.

Substitution and Progression Requirements

You may also  want to consider the option of taking up new subjects rather than doing the failed modules again. The Programme Office can explain what alternative subjects might be available and how to go about substituting the original modules failed. Please be aware that this may incur additional fees. This is important: whatever approach you take, ensuring you meet subject Progression Requirements is a key objective. The Programme Office can help you to work out progression requirements.

‘Next Stage’ Module Advice

Being a Repeat Stage student may allow you to take some of your ‘Next Stage’ modules while making up outstanding modules from Stage 1. If you are thinking about taking on some ‘Next Stage’ modules it is very important that you contact us in the Programme Office for guidance in the first instance. We can guide you on balancing your workload, navigating Stage 2 subject requirements via the Course Search and help you with referrals to Schools for specific academic advice as appropriate.

It is important that you carefully plan and seek advice when taking ‘Next Stage’ modules otherwise you may end up in a cycle of failed modules and remediation. If you have been invited to talk to our Progression Manager and Associate Dean please do engage, turn up for your meeting and let us help you put a plan in place for your studies.

In Difficulty? Your Options:

We are also aware that students often face personal challenges, and there are support services available of which you can avail. Your Student Advisers are there to offer help and advice. We also have an Extenuating Circumstances policy which enables circumstances outside of students’ control to be taken into account when assessing their work.

Mid-Year Progress and Leave of Absence:

With the right support and choices students may be able to move to Stage 2 after Semester 1 as a ‘Mid-year Progressor’, if they wish. Others who complete outstanding Stage 1 requirements by the end of Semester 1 opt to take a Leave of Absence for Semester 2; this leaves them well positioned for their return in the following September.

Please, Just Ask us

There is no single way so plan your own approach and ask for support!

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Why does my registration status say Stage 1 (Repeat)?

Your registration status is Stage 1 (Repeat) because you have not yet obtained the minimum 50-credit requirement to progress to Stage 2. PLEASE NOTE: 60 credits are required to complete Stage 1 but you may progress to Stage 2 with 50 credits. However, you will have to make up the outstanding 10 credits from Stage 1 while in Stage 2.

When should I choose a start time for registration?

Stage 1 (Repeat) students will choose a start time for registration on the 30th August between 8.00am and 1pm. If you do not book a time one will be allocated to you.  Check your UCD Connect e-mail account for your Start Time for module registration.

Must I attend orientation?

No. Orientation is compulsory for incoming Stage 1 (CAO) students only.

What will I be able to register to in SISWeb registration?

If you are on a DN500 Joint Honours programme you will have access to the Repeats/Subs/Trans tab and the Electives tabs but you will not see a Cores/Options tab. If you are on a Denominated programme you have access to the Repeats/Subs/Trans tab and the Electives tabs and you will also access to your level 2 ‘Next Stage’ tab and allow you to choose some of your next stage modules.

How do I know whether I have to resit or repeat a module?

In general, modules which you attempted in semester 2 2016-2017 will offer a resit in semester one of the 2016-2017 academic year. A resit is usually just one assessment which you must complete in order to pass the module. Always check with the relevant School about the format of the resit assessment. Do not assume that it will be an examination at the end of semester one. It might be an in-semester assignment and you must complete the assessment by the deadline set by the School. However, if the module’s timetable has changed and the module is being offered in semester one 2016-2017, then you must fully repeat the module. Repeating the module implies re-engaging will all components of the module including attendance. If the failed module was attempted prior to semester two 2016-2017, then you must repeat the module. You will find information on the remediation of failed modules in each module descriptor under the section, What happens if I fail? You will find this information on the Course Search. Further information on Resits and Repeats can be found by clicking here.

Must I register to tutorials?

If you are repeating a module or if you have substituted a failed module and the module has tutorials, you are required to register and attend tutorials. The vast majority of modules will have associated tutorials. Attendance and participation will contribute towards your grade for the module, so you must register for them.


How do I substitute a failed option or elective module?

Elective modules can be substituted online through the electives tab. In addition, where you wish to substitute a module that you do not require for Stage 2 subject progression requirements, you substitute through electives online. 

How can I change my Stage 1 subjects?

If you wish to substitute failed option modules by choosing a completely new subject, where you intend to satisfy the progression requirements of the subject for Stage 2, you must come to the Arts, Humanities and Social Science Programme Office in order for this registration to be facilitated from 5th September.  Information on progression requirements can be found at 'Students who will be in Stage 2 in 2018-2019 academic year' by clicking here. Go to ‘What Subjects Can I Progress With’? And choose the link appropriate to your programme. (DN500 and DN541).  Please note that substituting option modules can only be facilitated where the modules have not reached capacity.


I am repeating Stage 1 but wish to take up some modules from Stage 2. Is this possible?

You may be able to take up some Stage 2 modules while repeating Stage 1 i.e. take next Stage modules. You will register to next Stage modules via the elective tab in your SIS online registration. Registration is dependent on elective capacity in the modules; compatibility with your timetable, and your ability to satisfy any pre-requisites. If you are considering taking some Stage 2 modules while repeating Stage 1, it is important that you seek advice from the Programme Office and your School. Be very careful that you do not overburden yourself by combining resits/repeats with too many additional next Stage credits. Information on registration to electives is available at  Ensure that you assign any Stage 2 modules taken in advance via the elective tab to Stage 2 in your SIS online registration.

When can I progress to Stage 2 of my programme?

Depending on the number of credits that you have earned to date at Stage 1, it may be possible for you to progress to Stage 2 in Semester 2 (assuming that you have earned at least 50 credits) if you wish to do so. You are not required to do so. Information on mid-year progression and all other options is available from the Programme Office. Click here for Guidance on Mid-Year Progression 2017/18.

What happens to the Stage 2 credits I completed while repeating Stage 1?

If you have successfully completed credits for Stage 2 while you were repeating Stage 1, those credits will contribute to your Stage 2 programme requirements and will be included in the calculation of your degree GPA.

How can I register to my majors for Stage 2?

Following the publication of semester one 2017-2018 examination results, students who have obtained at least 50 credits in Stage 1 and have satisfied the Stage 1 subject progression requirements in the subjects they wish to take to degree level will have the opportunity to register to their Joint Major and complete Semester 2 registration. Further information on this will be available here from the Programme Office website in December 2017/January 2018.


What fees will I have to pay for resits/repeats or substitutions?

Information on fees is available at:

Where can I find further information on Resits, Repeats and Substitutions?

Further information on resits and repeats can be found at: