The most valuable exercise you can perform as you move through your programme is to ensure the modules you study are not only relevant by their content but that when they are all put together they meet the requirements of both the University Regulations and Subject Curriculum. While you have direct access to SISWeb registration, or while manual registration is still allowed, use this opportunity to check and rectify any issues with degree and programme compliance (see Key Dates). 

SISWeb is a good tool for registering to modules but should only be taken as a guide. To check you meet your subject requirements you can check using the appropriate Course Curriculum in for your subject(s) (see *Course Search facility - BSocSc Guide to Using Course Search 2017/18). If you are in doubt, contact the School, or the Programme Office. IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THEY MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THEIR SUBJECTS. 

Check University Degree Requirements

You must get 180 credits to graduate (240 credits for International students). However, it is not just any combination of 180 credits that will do. There are limits and requirements on the number of credits that you can use from modules at different levels required by University Regulations:

  • No more than 80 credits can be taken from Level 1, or below, modules (e.g. ECON10010), which which no more than 10 credits can be taken from Level 0 (e.g. IR00010). 
  • At least 100 credits must be taken from modules at Level 2 or above (e.g. SPOL20050).
  • Within the 100 credits required at Level 2 and higher, at least 40 credits must be at Level 3 or above (e.g. SOC30390 or IS40310).
  • You must complete 60 credits in each of the 3 stages (or 4 stages for International Students).

These totals must be achieved across the entire degree and are a university requirement for any Honours Bachelor Degree.

Check Subject Requirements set by Schools (Course Search & Curriculum)

In addition to the University Requirements, Subject requirements must also be met according to the School's curriculum and the rules specified in the Course Search for your relevant year of entry. For information and advice on these use the Course Search (BSocSc Guide to Using Course Search 2017/18) or contact your school for advice:

  • In Stage 2 & 3 you must register to specified number of credits; 50 credits in each joint-major subject (100 total). For International students an additional 60 credits will show for the year abroad.
  • You MUST pass ALL Core modules (and any 'required' modules from other stages, e.g. Foundations of Sociology offered in Stage 1)
  • You must have the correct number of Options from groups where specified.
  • You are obliged to have 10 credits in electives (In-programme or General) in Stage 2 & Stage 3 (or 4 for International students).
  • The minimum specified credit requirements of Stages 2 & 3 (or 4 for International students) in your subject(s) must be earned (for example in Stage 2 & 3 of Economics having 50 credits with at least 20 at level 3 as set out in Course Search (BSocSc Guide to Using Course Search 2017/18).
  • Importantly, ensure you still meet the University regulations (for example having 60 credits at each stage, having at least 40 level 3 credits overall as described in "Check University Degree Requirements" above).