Stage 2

In Stage 2 students choose from one of eight study Paths. In each of the study Paths, students continue with two chosen subjects (joint major) that they have begun studying in Stage 1. Included in their study Paths are a range of optional modules from within and outside Social Science including law, business studies and specific, relevant psychology modules. Their choice of modules is tailored to the type of career Path which matches their particular interests. Students either directly enter the labour market or progress to graduate study leading to a range of interesting and rewarding careers.

Stage 2: Progression Requirements for Stage 3

Students are required to complete 60 credits at Stage 2.

A student may progress to Stage 3 with an overall 110 credits at Stage 1 and Stage 2 but they will need to have completed the outstanding credits for Stage 1/2 in order to obtain their BSocSc degree.

International study opportunities

Students have the option of taking a four-year BSocSc (International) degree that incorporates an extra year’s university study abroad as an integral part of the programme. In your second year, you may apply to enter the international programme, and if accepted, you will have the opportunity to attend one of a range of European universities during the following year.  Please refer to UCD International Office