Key registration dates are published here.

For detailed module registration advice applicable to the relevant Programme Stage you are in, please click on this link.

For information regarding booking a start time, please see here. If you have missed the opportunity to book a start time (Stages 2 & 3/4) please note that one will be assigned to you -  keep checking your UCD Connect email.

You will be able to register to core and option modules yourself online from the registration start time assigned to you. This also includes registration to WX modules, repeats / resits as well as electives and substitution of electives.

If you need help with your module registration, please contact us in the Programme Office.

You may also need assistance from us if:

  • Your repeat module is full,
  • Your repeat module is clashing with another module,
  • Your WX module is full,
  • Your WX module is not running

If you need to substitute option modules, come to the Programme Office on or after the following dates: 

Stage 3 option modules

Thursday 16th August

Stage 2 option modules

Thursday 23rd August

Stage 1 option modules

Monday 3rd September







Online registration closes for allocation of general electives on Friday, 7th September, at 2.00pm and re-opens again on a phased basis on Saturday, 8th September, between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm (open to all by 4.00pm).

Online registration closes at 5.00pm on Friday, 21st September 2018.

For academic advice and tutorial registration queries, please contact the relevant School.