BA Humanities Programme 

As a student on the BA Humanities programme we are delighted that you have chosen to study with us.  You will receive a lot of information on the registration process, the regulations and the policies of the University over the coming year.  As you get started, here are the key points to remember:

Get connected!

  • UCD Connect provides you with easy access to services including SISWeb (the UCD Student Information System), your UCD email account and unlimited Google Drive storage.  You will have received notification of your UCD Connect username and password a few days after you accepted your place.  See Welcome to UCD Guide.
  • Make sure that you followed the registration steps and are registered to the modules that must be completed in your chosen programme - see Registration Guide 2018-19

Stay connected!

  • Check your UCD Connect email account regularly.  This is UCD’s main communication channel with students and will be used by your Tutors, Lecturers, Registry, School Office Staff and Arts and Humanities Office Staff.  It is where you will receive important emails about, for example, registration requirements, key dates, submission dates and exam timetables etc.  It is crucial that you monitor your email account and follow-up on actions if necessary.

Ask Questions!

  • The Arts and Humanities Office is your contact for everything related to your BA programme.  We will help you with any queries about your registration, programme structures, what modules you need to do and when.  We can advise you on the regulations and procedures for your BA degree.  You will find much of this information on our website and you can contact us directly through the on-line BA Connector which is available here: Arts and Humanities Office website.  You can also contact us in person at the Arts and Humanities Office on the ground floor of the Newman Building.
  • Academic advice on the content or purpose of individual modules, issues related to assessment of modules, or learning and teaching matters is provided by programme coordinators, lecturers or tutors who are based in Schools.  Your programme coordinator, lecturer and tutor is available to talk to you during their weekly office hours and can be contacted by email.  You will find details of office hours and email addresses on School websites or from the School Offices.  A&H Schools.
  • UCD Student Advisers offer students time and space to explore issues of concern to them and can advise you on appropriate UCD policies, procedures and services. Student Advisers can assist you in finding pathways to deal with personal, social and emotional issues.  They work closely with academic and administrative student support staff to ensure that your experiences in UCD are as fulfilling as possible.

The Student Advisers for BA students are Ronan Murphy and James Ronan. Their offices are on the ground floor of the Newman building - to the left and around the corner from the Office. You can make an appointment with them via email or by phone. You are very welcome to stop by as well.

  • Your peer Mentor is a trained and experienced BA student who is there to provide you with support and advice so make sure you arrange to meet up and make the most of the knowledge your Peer Mentor can share with you. 


Please remember that there are no silly questions. UCD believes that asking for help is a sign of strength; so just ask and we’ll do our best to help you.

UCD Arts and Humanities Office
Ground Floor, Newman Building,
UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4

A&H Office Staff Contacts


August 2018