Stage 3 and Stage 4 

In Stage 3 you will continue to strengthen your knowledge, expertise and insight into your subjects and you may also have the chance to undertake an internship or to study abroad for a semester (or year) at one of our partner universities. 

Studying Abroad in another University for one Semester is an opportunity to enhance your studies in UCD with exposure to new cultures, approaches and experiences and it is strongly recommended that students take this opportunity to travel.  You will receive support in advice in preparing for this and the credit you earn in your time abroad will accumulate towards the overall credit requirement of 240 credits for the BA Humanities programme.  The grade you achieve will not count towards your GPA degree.  Please note that for students on the English, European and World Literatures pathway, a Year Abroad in Stage 3 is compulsory.

The Internship Placement is an opportunity to hone your skills and knowledge in a different work environment. This will help you to understand in a holistic way how your qualities as a BA graduate may be useful in the workplace. It will enhance core skills, attitudes and competencies that are not only fundamental features of your degree programme, but are also portable, relevant to diverse workplace settings, and important for the deepening understanding of what constitutes active and engaged critical citizenship. However, you should note that the number of internships will be limited, and placements will be allocated based on your submission through a competitive interview process.  If you do not receive an internship placement, you will continue with academic modules in Year 3 or you may seek to apply for a study abroad opportunity. You will have the opportunity to take modules on Career Readiness in Stage 2 to help you to decide if you want to apply for an internship placement and if you do, how to go about the process.

Your Pathway Coordinator and Programme Manager will provide further information on Stage 3 opportunities.

In Stage 4, you will continue with the subjects within your pathway and refine your knowledge.  An extended dissertation in a specialised area which you will select in conjunction with your supervisor is core to the learning in 8 of the 9 pathways in the BA Humanities.  You will have the opportunity to develop your research skills throughout your programme.