All BA Stage 1 students

When should I start to choose my modules?

First, you need to book a Start time for your registration between 8am and 1pm on the 30th August through your SISWeb account. Once you have completed this step check your UCD Connect e-mail account for your Start Time for module registration. Modules have a limited number of places so it is important that you select your modules as early as possible.

Should I wait until Orientation to begin my registration?

No. As we have said above, you must register to your chosen modules as soon as module registration opens for you.

Must I attend Orientation?

Yes. Orientation is compulsory. During Orientation there will be a series of events that prepare you for your time in UCD. The information provided during orientation is crucial in smoothing your transition to university. 
For further information please see New Student Webpages

Will I receive any information about how to register?

The Registration Guide tells you how to register online. You will have received this as part of your UCD Welcome booklet in the post. It can also be accessed online here.
Detailed information on subject choices for Stage 1 of your BA is also available online here


 What are my choices for completing Stage 1?

When you begin your registration you will normally find that you are already registered to 10 credits* in each of the subjects that you nominated. You will need to pick up another 40 credits to complete your Stage 1. You can decide to add more credit from the two subjects that you have already chosen; you may decide to study other subjects offered in the BA Programme, taking between 10 and 20 credits in them – you must take at least 10 credits in one other subject and can select no more than four subjects; you may decide to take up a 5 credit elective. Further information is available online here

*If you are taking Economics, Mathematics, or Statistics you will be pre-registered to at least 20 credits and depending on your second and third subject you need to make up the remaining credit requirements.

I pre-selected subject combinations when making my CAO application. Must I take those subjects to degree level?

As we have said you will be pre-registered to in each of your nominated subjects. Assuming that you successfully complete those modules, you will be able to continue with the subjects to degree level. However, if you use the 40 credits to expand your range of subjects, you will be able to take those new subjects for your degree (provided that you meet any particular requirements for the individual subjects). Information on subjects’ progression requirements can be accessed here. Please note that you can only take one subject from within each group on the timetable grid.

I am a DN500 student who pre-selected subject combinations when making my CAO application. Can I change my mind about my subjects now?

To protect your CAO choice, you will not be permitted to drop modules that you have been pre-registered to until you are familiar with the registration process. When you have completed orientation this protection will be removed, and you will be able to drop pre-registered modules. DO NOT DROP PRE-REGISTERED MODULES UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT YOU WISH TO CHANGE AND ARE SURE THERE ARE PLACES IN THE SUBJECT YOU WISH TO TAKE UP. If you drop a pre-registered module there is no guarantee that you will be able to get back into it should you change your mind. Also, don’t forget that you can use your remaining credits to expand your subject choice without dropping pre-registered modules.

Do I need to think about Stage 2 when I am making my subject choices for Stage 1?

Yes. The subject choices that you make at Stage 1 will determine your subject combinations for Stage 2. When you register you must carefully note your subjects’ requirements for progression into Stage 2 i.e. the modules that they require you to have passed at Stage 1. This is particularly important if you are taking less than 20 credits in a subject.

Where can I find information about my subjects’ progression requirements?

You can access information on progression rules when you register to a subject concentration in the SIS online registration screens. Details are available in the ‘More Information about my Major’ section. You can also access progression information on this page.

What about studying Psychology in DN500?

  • The only way to obtain a professional qualification in Psychology is to enter the BA Programme via the special direct entry route for Psychology (DN519).
  • As a DN500 student, Psychology can only be taken as electives after Stage 1 subject to the University policy on elective provision.


What are my choices for completing Stage 1?

As you have made decisions at CAO level about what subjects you will take to degree level, you will have already been registered to certain modules in those subjects. This can range from between 10 and 40 credits, depending on your denomination. You can choose the remaining credits from the other BA subjects and/or from the electives that are available. You may take between 10 and 20 credits in a subject (credit load permitting), and/or ten credits of electives. There are many ways to make up the required 60 credits, but remember that you cannot take more than one subject within each group on the timetable grid.

Can I drop the modules that have been pre-selected?

It is vital that you do not attempt to drop any of the modules to which you have been pre-registered. If you do drop any of those modules, you will not be able to finish Stage 1 with the associated subject. For further information contact the Programme Office.


What should I do if a module that I wish to select is full?

There are physical limits in places on modules. If a module is full and the lecture theatre has reached its maximum capacity, unfortunately nothing can be done. You may inform the relevant School of your interest in the module so that they are aware that a demand exists, but you cannot ask them to put you into a module. Sometimes places become free during the change of mind time period but places cannot be reserved on waiting lists. If places do become available they will be released from 3.00 pm each Monday to Friday until the 22nd September. Details of modules for which places will be released will be updated daily at the Module Places page.

Can I change my mind about my subject choice?

There is a short change of mind period during which you can make certain changes to your module choices. If you do decide to change you must ensure that you use the ‘swap’ option within the ‘drop-swap’ menu on the SIS registration screens, so that you can be sure you will be able to select the new subject prior to dropping the old one. Please note that if you are a Denominated BA student (DN510-19, DN541) it will not be possible to make any changes to modules that are core to your programme. If you are determined to change you will need to explore a transfer between programmes.

Will I be able to change my mind about Semester 2 modules later?

There will be a change of mind period later in the year for Semester 2 modules. However, you need to be aware that if you select subjects which have core modules in Semester 2 you are committing to those subjects for the entire year.

Must I register to tutorials?

The vast majority of modules will have associated tutorials. Attendance and participation will contribute towards your grade for the module, so you must register for them.

Why am I unable to register to certain tutorials online?

Some schools wish to allocate students to particular tutorials, which means that you will not be able to select your tutorials in the SIS online registration screens. If this is the case you will see a message ‘Contact School Office’, and you must go to the relevant School to get yourself registered to a tutorial.

Are there particular recommendations for subjects?

  • Linguistics recommends that you take LING10040 during Stage 1 to avail of all possible options in the subject during Stage 2. 
  • Music strongly advises that you take 20 credits in Music to prepare you for Stage 2. 
  • Sociology strongly advises that you take SOC10010 during Stage 1. If you do not, you WILL have to take it during Stage 2 or 3.