Graduate Programmes

The ALC offers two graduate courses in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): the Graduate Diploma in TESOL and the MA in TESOL. For further information, please contact the TESOL administrator here.

“Although the course is very intensive, it is extremely enjoyable and challenging.The lecturers are all first class and very helpful and supportive. The lecture notes are well-presented and well-organized and all available on Moodle for retrieval. The school environment is very positive with a wonderful Self-Access library brimming with all the latest books on all the topics you will learn on this course. I really enjoyed doingthe course and unreservedly recommend it to anyone contemplating doing it.”- MA TESOL Student 2013/14

Global Language Electives


UCD Applied Language Centre (ALC) offers an extensive programme of Global Language Electives to students across the University.

IMPORTANT: Each language is worth 5 credits.

Languages available include: Arabic, Chinese, English (for general and academic purposes), French, German, Introduction to English Language Teaching, Irish Sign Language, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili. These languages are offered at several stages of proficiency.

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English Language Programmes

UCD ALC has developed an international reputation for its English language programmes since its establishment in 1989.  It has developed a range of areas of expertise in teaching and pedagogy.  We have a team of highly trained and experienced teachers who are engaged in continuous development of our curricula. UCD ALC provides a wide range of English language courses throughout the year.