Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I am interested in taking a language elective but unsure which level to register for, where can I find more information about individual modules?
    Please consult the Level Guide here to determine which level is the most appropriate for you. You can also access the module descriptors for our classes here. If you are still uncertain, you may be able to arrange a language consultation with one of our teachers to assess your level of the target language. Call into the ALC for a language consultation: see here for Help Desk opening hours or email
  2. I feel that the current language level that I am in is too high for my ability. Can I drop down to a lower level?
    If you are finding the level you are in too difficult you should first speak with your teacher. If you are unsure of your level or require further advice, please contact GLM Administration at to arrange a language consultation. Once the registration window has closed it will only be possible to facilitate the changing of levels in exceptional circumstances. Please see the ALC Language Level Guide for recommended module levels.
  3. I am an international student and would like to register to a language that I have previously studied. How can I find out what language level I should join?
    Call into the ALC for a language consultation, see here for Help Desk opening hours or email There will be a Help Desk in operation during orientation week and the first two weeks of term in the Applied Language Centre (1st floor Daedalus building) where you will be able to seek advice.


  1. I have missed class(es) through illness. What should I do?
    To ensure you do not lose any attendance marks in the event of missing class through illness or other extenuating circumstances, please provide GLM Administration with a Medical Certificate/supporting documentation upon your return. This may be a hard copy dropped into our office or a scanned version which can be e-mailed in along with any further information you may wish to provide us with. Alternatively, you may submit medical documentation/supporting documentation to your programme office who will in turn forward it on to us.
  2. I cannot attend my GLM class this week. Can I attend another class during the week at a different time?
    No. Students cannot attend any classes that they are not registered to.
  3. I need to apply for Extenuating Circumstances. What can I do?
    You will need to contact your Programme Office regarding extenuating circumstances.


  1. Do I have to take ALC Modules for credit?
    All ALC modules must be taken for credit and each module is worth 5 credits. It is not possible to audit (i.e. attending a class without registering for credit) any of our modules.
  2. I am a PhD Student. Can I register for an ALC Module?   
    PhD students may register for our electives provided they have the approval of their supervisor. This is granted via a Module Enrolment Form which can be obtained from your Graduate School Office and must then be signed by your supervisor. This form then needs to be signed by the ALC after which your Graduate School Office can complete your registration. Please note that ALC modules must be taken for credit. 

    Global Language Modules - PhD Enrolment
    - Send an email to detailing your interest in registering for a language
    - Call into the ALC for a language consultation, see here for Help Desk opening hours or email
    - If a space is available in the relevant module, complete a PhD module enrolment form
    - The form should be signed by your supervisor and the ALC module co-ordinator
    - You should then submit the completed form to your graduate office, who will complete the registration
    Note: Places are subject to availability. Include your full name, student number, language you are interested in taking, if you have previously studied the language, confirm you are a PhD student. 

    English for Academic Purposes modules - PhD Enrolment
    - Register for a placement test here at the start of each semester
    - If a space is available in the relevant module, complete a PhD module enrolment form
    - The form should be signed by your supervisor and the ALC module co-ordinator
    - You should then submit the completed form to your graduate office, who will complete the registration
    Note: Places are subject to availability.

    If you have previously completed an ALC English for Academic Purposes module and wish to progress to the next level, you will not need to sit another placement test. Please send an email to with ‘English for Academic Purposes registration application’ as the subject matter, detailing your name, student number, title of EAP module previously taken with the ALC and the semester it was taken.
  3. I am a Masters Student. Can I register for an ALC Module?
    Please consult with your graduate school office as to whether it is possible for you to register for credit bearing undergraduate electives. If your programme allows for you to register to undergraduate electives please call into the ALC for a language consultation, see here for Helpdesk opening hours or email
  4. Can I take more than one language elective in the ALC?
    Yes. If you have enough credits, and your timetable allows for it, you are more than welcome to do so.

Module Information

  1. Do I have to purchase any textbooks for the duration of my ALC module?
    No. Your teacher will provide you with all required material, either via handouts in class or through our virtual learning environment.


  1. Where can I find the exam timetable for my ALC modules?
    Your teacher will provide you with the time, date and location in advance of each exam component.
    The Mid Term will take place in Week 6.
    The Aural Exam will take place in Week 11.
    The Oral Exam will take place in Week 12, usually during regular class time.
    The Written Exam timetable will be released along with the overall UCD end of semester exam timetable.
  2. I have a GLM exam coming up. Where can I find out my exam seat number?
    Mid-Term Exams and Aural exams are run centrally in the Applied Language Centre for certain modules. Your teacher will confirm full details regarding continuous assessment. A list containing all seat numbers for relevant modules will be on display in the Applied Language Centre on the day of the Mid-Term Exam and Aural Exam. Please look through this list carefully to find your details of the time and venue of your exam, as well as your seat number. For the Written Exams, your seat number will be displayed outside the Exam Hall on the day of your exam.
  3. I have failed an ALC Module. What do I do now?
    See here for relevant information if you have failed a module.
  4. I am registered with Disability Support Services. I would like to arrange alternative exam locations for my GLM exams. What do I do?
    For your Week 6 Mid Term Class Test and your Aural Exam GLM Administration can arrange an alternative exam location for you, by contacting Please include your name, student number, language & level, day and time of class. For the Written Exam you will need to contact the UCD Exams Office at
  5. I have a query regarding an exam result/ I would like to view an exam paper
    If you have a query regarding a GLM exam result or would like to view one of your exam papers please email detailing your name, student number, name of module and what your query is.
  6. I cannot attend an ALC exam component/ I have missed an ALC exam component
    Students who miss an exam component as part of their language elective may, in certain cases, be entitled to a rescheduled exam. This may be as a result of a verifiable timetable clash whereby a student has a lecture, seminar or exam at the same time as their language elective exam. It may also be on account of extenuating circumstances: UCD policy on what constitutes extenuating circumstances can be found here.
    Students seeking to apply for a rescheduled exam must do so within a week of their original exam date. Exceptions to this rule will be made in cases where a student is absent from UCD on medical grounds. Students may apply online for a rescheduled exam here.

    Supporting documentation will usually be necessary to apply for a rescheduled exam. Medical certificates in the case of illness, timetable screenshots in the case of a time conflict and other relevant documentation can be sent to us via or else a hard copy(ies) can be dropped into our office, located upstairs in the Daedalus Building. Please include your name, student number and the day and time of your class with any documents you are submitting.

    Completion of a reschedule request, including submission of supporting documents does not guarantee that a reschedule will be granted. We will examine each request on a case-by-case basis. Please note that rescheduled exams may be subject to a grade penalty relative to the original exam. Students will be contacted by e-mail to confirm if a reschedule is granted. They will be provided with the date, time and location of their exam. Students must make themselves available for the time they are allocated. Students will be given at least 48 hours notice of their new exam date.


  1. I am not a UCD Student/I am a UCD staff member. Can I take an ALC module?
    All of our courses are reserved for full-time UCD students, whether undergraduate, graduate or exchange. As such, they must be taken for credit and are therefore unavailable to non-UCD students and staff members.
  2. I have just passed an ALC module. Can I move onto the next language level?
    If you have passed an ALC Module and the next highest language level is taking place then you are welcome to take the module provided you have enough credits. If you complete at least 15 credits from a set of specified electives, you will be awarded an elective specialization. For more information on Structured Electives, please see here.
  3. Do any GLM Classes run during the summer?
    No. ALC Modules run concurrently with the UCD academic calendar and are only offered in Semester 1 and 2.
  4. I have just completed an ALC Module. Can I get a certificate of attendance?
    No. The record of completing a language elective module can be found on your UCD Transcript.