Open Learning Scholarships 2018-19

In 2018-19 there are scholarship opportunities available to students interested in pursuing part-time study. Students can apply for up to six modules, three in each semester. These scholarships are funded by HEA PATH fund and are offered in collaboration with NCAD, IADT, TCD and MIE.

UCD Open Learning is the first programme of its kind in Ireland and offers you the opportunity to study a range of undergraduate modules in UCD. There are no entry requirements and the Open Learning modules are open to everyone. Each module is worth 5 ECTS and successful applicants will complete three modules in each semester. Students can choose any modules which are available as part of the Open Learning programme in 2018-19.

Students interested in apply to an undergraduate degree programme in either Arts and Humanities or Social Sciences, can apply through the CAO. When applying through the CAO students need to have successfully completed 3 modules (Semester I) and undertaking another 3 modules (Semester II). They also need to have a minimum GPA of 2.6.

This scholarship is aimed at students who may wish to accumulate credits towards a recognised award. This may be of interest to students who are restricted by family responsibilities or health constraints and may therefore be excluded from full-time HE.

Applicants from low-income households are invited, and priority will be given to:
- Students with a disability

- First time mature students

- Members of the travelling community

- Lone parents who are in receipt of a means-tested social welfare payment

- Ethnic minorities

- Refugees and those with leave to remain


Applicants will be assessed based on:
- Low household income (less than €45,790 a year)

- Challenges faced in accessing higher education

- Achievements in community, charity, sport and other interests

- Rationale for seeking a scholarship

- Motivation to study at higher education

- Career plans

- Financial Need


Terms and Conditions
1. This is a scholarship funded through HEA PATH, in partnership with TCD, IADT, NCAD and MIE.
2. Scholarships cannot be deferred.
3. Students can apply for up to six modules, three in each semester.
4. Students can only take modules which are available through the Open Learning programme.
5. Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.6 in Semester I in order to proceed with their modules in Semester II.
6. If students do not achieve or maintain the minimum GPA of 2.6 their scholarship will be withdrawn.
7. Successful candidates will be required to attend weekly study skills sessions in both semesters.
8. The scholarship will be withdrawn if students face disciplinary proceedings within UCD.
9. Successful candidates will be asked to take part in feedback sessions and publicity material to promote the Open Learning scholarship and programme.
10. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or illness, the usual UCD extenuating circumstances will apply.
11. Applicants must have a legal entitlement to remain in Ireland to complete their proposed course of study. The onus rests with the applicant to satisfy the University in this regard.
12. Open Learning Scholars will be encouraged to act as role models within UCD and their local community.

The deadline for submission of applications is August 29th.

Application Form


For further information or details regarding Terms & Conditions please contact
Jennifer Doyle
UCD Access and Lifelong Learning

t: 01 716 7581