The Rise of the American Presidency

In this podcast series Michael Doran discusses the history of the American presidency. This series is an excerpt from a lecture Michael gave on the history of the US presidency as part of a Lifelong Learning event.

We will be releasing this 10-part lecture series every Thursday afternoon.

Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump: Division Since The 1990s

In the final podcast from this series, Michael closes the discussion focusing on the deep political divisions which have plagued the office of the presidency since the 1990s.

Ronald Reagan

In this podcast Michael discusses how Ronald Reagan achieved success during his presidency because of his ability to work well with the political opposition. Michael also poses the argument whether Reagan was the last personality president we have seen.

Richard Nixon

Notoriously, Nixon is known as the only president to have resigned in office, but despite this, Michael discusses his overall success in restoring stability in world affairs during his term in office.

Lyndon B. Johnson

In the 7th part of this podcast series, Michael talks about how Lyndon Baines Johnson's presidency was overshadowed by the Vietnam War.

John F. Kennedy

In this episode Michael discusses how John F. Kennedy faced some of the more challenging moments in the Cold War crisis, at the start of his tenure.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In this podcast Michael discusses the 100 days legacy that started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The US Presidential Election of 1876

Here, Michael talks about the United States presidential election of 1876, one of the most contentious and controversial presidential elections in US history.

Abraham Lincoln

Here, Michael talks about how Abraham Lincoln restored a sense of greatness back to the office of the US Presidency.

Andrew Jackson

In the second episode of this podcast series Michael talks about Andrew Jackson who served as the seventh president of the United States from 1829 to 1837. In 1835 Jackson became the first American president to experience an assassination attempt.

George Washington

Here, Michael talks about America's first president, George Washington, and the standards he set for the presidency.

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