Student Support Fund for students who entered through the HEAR Pathway

The Student Support Fund (SSF) provides financial support to students who are in significant financial difficulty and whose participation in college would be at risk without such support. All students who enter UCD through the HEAR pathway are eligible to receive funding from SSF through UCD Access and Lifelong Learning as they have already been means tested and assessed as part of their Higher Education Access Route application.

The fund is €500 per student for 2018/19 and must be claimed by November 30th 2018.

The Fund is best described as a contributory payment which helps students meet some of the day-to-day costs associated with being in college. Students must be fully registered to a full-time undergraduate programme of study.

Students who register for one semester only should make an appointment with a member of staff in Access and Lifelong Learning to discuss their financial needs after they have completed their registration.

To receive funding, students must:

1. Complete the online application form (In SISweb)

2. Submit a paper form (see below) to the ALL centre detailing their estimated budget and stating what expenses they are requesting support for from the Support Fund


- The application form is in SISweb, under the ‘Programme’ tab and the ‘Welfare and Assistance’ section. It is called HEAR Student Support Fund.

- When completing the online form, you do not need to provide receipts. In the section marked ‘Receipts’, you need to indicate what you will use the €500 payment for. Please note the amount should add up to exactly €500.

- You must also complete a hard-copy budget form (see below) based on your Semester 1 costs and income. Your expenditure must exceed your income by at least €500.

- The budget is very important for you to plan your expenditure for the semester and to show us that you have a sense of your college costs, can manage money well and that you need the €500 payment.

- Access students who are in receipt of a Cothrom Na Feinne Scholarship, UCD Scholarship or an external scholarship e.g. Department of Education Scholarship are not eligible for the HEAR Student Support Fund. Students must inform the Access and Lifelong Learning Centre if they are awarded a scholarship at any time during the academic year.

- Be aware that to comply with European Union requirements, data will be collected as part of the application process which may be used for the purposes of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the operation of the Fund. This data may be shared with third parties for monitoring and reporting on European Social Fund co-financed activities.

Student Support Fund Application 2018 19


Please don’t hesitate to contact ALL staff if you have any questions or need any guidance with your form Email:

Eligible Student Expenses Ineligible Student Expenses

- Rent

- Travel

- Groceries

- Books & college supplies

- Utilities (heating, lighting & internet receipts)

- Unforeseen medical expenses


- Clothes

- Laptops or other electronic devices

- College fees, student levy, repeat fees or contribution charges

- Dog food / pet expenses

- House repairs / DIY

- Loan or mortgage repayments



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