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UCD Assessment Appeals Office

An Oifig Achomharc Measunaithe UCD

UCD is committed to providing an excellent education and student experience. The University supports improvement in educational quality and academic decision-making. However, the University recognises that from time to time situations arise when a student considers that they might have grounds for appeal against a decision related to assessment of their academic work. UCD's Assessment Appeals Policy outlines the principles and process for such an appeal.The University is committed to resolving appeals as quickly as possible with emphasis on local resolution.


Appeals must be lodged within twenty working days of your results becoming available. (You cannot appeal a provisional result.)

The assessment appeal form is available here.

There is a €75 assessment appeal fee, which will be refunded, with any incurred resit or repeat fee, if the appeal is upheld.


An assessment appeal will only be considered on the following grounds:

A) Procedural irregularity
There is evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of the assessment process, including where this results in an inappropriate grade assessment.

B) Extenuating circumstances*
i. There were extenuating circumstances of which the Programme Board was aware but had rejected, because the application was late and the programme Board did not consider the reason why the application was late to be valid.

ii. A prior circumstance emerged of which the Programme Board was not aware.

*For all students wishing to appeal on the basis of extenuating circumstances, you must first engage with the extenuating circumstances process at a local level.

Please note that appeals that do not meet any of the above grounds will not be accepted


For further information please contact:
Assessment Appeals
James Joyce Library Building
Tel: 01 716 7132