EurASEAA Dublin 2012
14th International Conference

14th International Conference
September 18th - 21st


The 14th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists (EurASEAA) was held in Dublin in 2012, and was organised and hosted by University College Dublin School of Archaeology.

The conference brought together archaeologists, art historians and philologists who share a common interest in Southeast Asia’s past from prehistoric to historic periods. Its aim was to facilitate communication between different disciplines, to present current work in the field, and to stimulate future research.

Papers and sessions were invited on any topic or theme related to Southeast Asian archaeology. Papers on South Asia and Southern East Asia which are important for issues of long-distant contact and regional modelling were considered if they related closely to Southeast Asian themes. As 2012 is also the year that Dublin is European City of Science, the organisers proposed one special theme on 'Science, Archaeology and Heritage in Southeast Asia', for which proposals were also welcomed.

In 2012 the conference ran for four days between 18th-21st of September, and was held at Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty Library.

Image of Borobudur by: Patrizia La Piscopia