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Scoil na Seandálaíochta UCD

Birsay-Skaill Landscape Archaeology Project, Orkney, Scotland, UK

Principal Investigators

Dr. David Griffiths (Oxford), Ms Jane Harrison (Oxford), Dr. Helen Lewis (UCD), Ms. Sue Hanshaw (Oxford), Dr. Susan Ovenden (Orkney College)


Historic Scotland, Oxford University, Bruce & Carol Hallenbeck


Established to explore the Medieval landscapes around Birsay and the Bay of Skaill in Orkney, this project conducts survey and excavation targeting settlement history. Excavations have focused on Norse-period settlements in the Mound of Snusgar area (site of a famous Norse-period hoard), a few minutes walk from the Skara Brae Neolithic site. Although the aim is to explore the Medieval landscape, the project has a wider landscape reconstruction remit which covers earlier periods as well. There are both training and research opportunities. There is normally a fee for student participation to cover costs and training. Fieldwork normally happens in August each year, and there are many opportunities to explore the famous sites on Orkney mainland.

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Project Map