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Scoil na Seandálaíochta UCD

Study Abroad 2009 – 2010: Ancient and Modern Irish Culture

UCD School of Archaeology, which is in the College of Arts and Celtic Studies, has been offering courses on the heritage of Ireland – ancient prehistoric, Celtic, medieval, modern - to Study Abroad students from American universities for the past fifteen years. We invite you to consider taking some Archaeology modules while you are here in UCD.

Frequently Asked Querstions

Why should I consider taking modules in Archaeology when I’m in UCD?

Archaeology is a fascinating and exciting discipline. UCD School of Archaeology enjoys a global reputation as a centre of research and teaching, and it also enjoys a reputation among students, Irish and overseas, as a place where learning is made fun and where friendships are easily made. 

Most of the modules I am taking are in disciplines like History and English! How could Archaeology fit into this? 

There are two answers.

First, Archaeology actually sits very well with all of these subjects. It compliments History very well, of course: the School offers modules on the archaeology of Ireland in historic times, so you can attend lectures on, say, the archaeology of the Normans in Ireland alongside lectures on their history. Archaeology modules will also cover the periods and societies producing the literature that you study in English.

Second, Archaeology, like those other disciplines, is concerned with critical thinking about the past and about cultural production in the past. The skills that you will pick up in Archaeology will serve you well in the other disciplines you are studying, not just in UCD but also in your home university.

But I have no experience of Archaeology? I have never taken a course. All I know is Indiana Jones!

That’s not a problem. Many of our students come with no background in the subject at all, and we teach accordingly. 

What modules could I take?

There are many modules on offer at all levels, and we recommend you browse them to see what might interest you. We do recommend especially, however, the following three modules:

Introduction to the Archaeology of Ireland (ARCH 10050).

A perennially popular choice among Study Abroad students, this Level 1 module covers the entire spectrum of Ireland’s archaeological story from its first settlement at the end of the Ice Age to the twentieth century. No prior knowledge of Ireland and its past is needed. This module’s emphasis on culture-history means that it compliments especially well other modules on Ireland and Irish culture that are offered by other schools in UCD.

Into the Recent Past (ARCH 10060)

This Level 1 module provides a snap-shot of the archaeology of the world (with lectures on America) over the past thousand years. Students of Medieval and Modern History will find it especially interesting.  

Interpereting Archaeology (ARCH 20020).

This module explores how archaeologists make sense of the data they collect. It has consistently attracted students majoring in Anthropology at home, but will be of interest to you if you are interested in theory and method in research in general.

Be honest, is studying Archaeology fun?  

Yes! The School does expect its students to study hard but it also encourages its students to enjoy learning. And the student-run Archaeology Society is an ideal way to make friends.

Where do I go for more information?

All the information you need is available here on the School’s web-page, but if you have any particular queries you can contact Prof. Tadhg O’Keeffe.