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The Co-Operative Movement

The Fishing Industry, Ardglass, Co. Down

Farming Communities
in Co. Donegal

Farming Communities in Co. KerryCollecting Folklore
in Iar-Connacht

The Co-Operative Movement

THE CO-OPERATIVE MOVEMENT in Ireland was founded by Sir Horace Curzon Plunkett (18541932) in the late 1880s. Following his long campaign persuading Irish farmers that pooling resources, thereby creating strength in numbers, was the only way for them to survive, the first dairy co-operative was formed at Dromcollagher, Co. Limerick in 1889. By 1900 there were 87 co-operatives with 46 independent agricultural societies throughout the country. Harold Barbour was a firm follower of Plunkett's and joined the Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society (IAWS) as director in 1907, and was elected chairman in 1910. A renowned co-operator, he did not believe in managing the movement from the offices in Westmoreland Street, instead travelling the length and breadth of Ireland visiting and meeting the societies on the ground.

Loch near Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, July 1911
Handmade baskets, Aghalee, Co. Antrim
Dromohair Co-operative Creamery, Co. Leitrim
Achonry Creamery, Co. Sligo

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