Jeanne Gallagher

Postgraduate (PhD) student
My research focuses on assessing stock structure of the Dublin Bay Prawn, Nephrops norvegicus off the Irish coast, with a view to support fisheries management of these populations. Next generation sequencing will allow for the in-depth analysis of the populations' genetic structure and demographic parameters. I will use these techniques to identify intra and inter-population genetic variability in order to examine the connectivity of Irish populations to both each other, and to those found outside Irish waters. I am interested in identifying the life-history structure of these populations, where they evolved, and possible larval dispersal routes.

In 2014 I graduated UCD with a BSc in Zoology after completing an undergrad thesis with Dr Carlsson. My thesis involved using molecular techniques to identify and study marine invertebrates sampled from a newly-discovered deep-sea hydrothermal vent system. Upon graduating I commenced a one-month bursary with UCD gaining further experience in the lab with Dr Carlsson and his team. Before commencing this PhD I gained eight months' experience working with the Irish Marine Institute. I worked as a fisheries scientist as part of the Fisheries Ecosystem Advisory Services, researching both on land and at sea.