Paul Flynn

Postgraduate Student
paulflynn (at)
I have recently embarked on undertaking a PhD study with Dr Jens Carlsson and Professor Emma Teeling (co-supervisor) at University College Dublin on a part-time basis. This study aims to characterise several rare native Irish cattle populations (Kerry, Dexter, Irish Moiled, DroimFhionn, White Park and Bó Riabhach) at a genome wide level. Utilizing recent SNP microarray technological advancements this project will carry out an in-depth molecular investigation to comparatively assess the levels of genetic diversity, genetic differentiation, population structure and relatedness that exists within and between these populations. Along with assessing population genetics parameters - a "genetic health check" component will screen for a large range of currently known deleterious Bovine molecular mutations within all considered populations. Furthermore genotyping for "trait specific markers" will allow for consideration to be given with regards to targeting breeds towards certain attributes that may be of economic and marketable value to breeders. Establishment of such genetic parameters will go towards facilitating cognisant management strategies, for these valuable genetic resources, to ensure their survival and progression as breeds into the future.

On completion of an honours BSc degree (Dublin Institute of Technology - 2002) I commenced employment as a laboratory technician within a multi-species genotyping laboratory. Since joining I have gained experience working with multiple DNA extraction techniques, STR profiling, capillary fragment and sequencing electrophoresis, quantitative and SNP real time PCR assays, high density SNP microarrays, development of customised multi-species microarrays and downstream data analysis such as pedigree verification and breed-assignment. Throughout this period I obtained a research MSc (University College Dublin - 2010) whereby I characterised the above described cattle populations at a microsatellite and mitochondrial molecular level. I have recently completed a post-graduate certificate in Bioinformatics (Manchester University - 2014) which covered multiple molecular data analysis techniques within fields such as Systems Biology, Gene Expression and Next Generation Sequencing.