PhD & MLitt students in Art History, and Cultural Policy & Arts Management

Current research postgraduates                                           
Michael Ann Bevivino  
Anne Cormican  
Frances Coulter  
Padraig Edwards  
Suzanne Freeman  
Jan Frohburg  
Kieran Gaya  
Rachel Healy  
Livia Hurley  
Eileen Lee  
Susan Mihalik  
Priscilla Sonnier  
David Teevan  
Zhengfeng Wang  


Recent Conferred Postgradautes 


Sadegh Panahiazar, PhD

Sacred Light in Sacred Architecture, 17th century and now: San Lorenzo Church, Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque and BZM Congregational Mosque

Susan Barry, PhD

Buffalo's Gilded Age: a story of architecture and landscape design

Edith Andrees, PhD

Museums, Migration and Cultural Diversity: Narratives and practices in Ireland and Germany
2016 Jessica Fahy, MLitt 'Catching the Female Gaze': Representations of male religious figures and the female viewer in Renaissance art
2016 Eivlin Roden, PhD John Michael Wright (1617-1694): a singluar Stuart painter
2015 Sarah Wilson, PhD Foreign Cults in Rome and their Origins: Questioning the Non-Roman Identification of Magna Mater, Palmyreen Deities and Sol
2015 Silvia Guglielmini, PhD Arts Festivals in Tourism, Tourism in Arts Festivals
2015 Sabrina Wilk, PhD  Foreseeing and Transmitting Arcadia: Perspective visualisation in landscape architectural design
2015 Peter Shortt, PhD A History of the Rosc Exhibitions 1967 to 1988, their Confrontations and Influences
2014 Jacqueline Hayes, PhD The Role of Sculpture in the Victorian Garden Cemeteries of Glasnevin and Mount Jerome (1832-1916) and the Significance of Politically Inspired Monuments
2014 Jennifer Goff, PhD The Eileen Gray Collection at the National Museum of Ireland
2014 Louis W. Funder, PhD Reconstructing a Region – Rioja and its Wineries 
2014 Corinna Ricasoli, PhD Non Omnis Moriar: Artists' Funerary Monuments in Baroque Rome 
2013 Louise Kelly, PhD Pieter Codde Reconsidered: His Life and Works (1599-1678)
2013  Sadegh Panahi, MLitt  Holy Light in Iranian Sacred Architecture
2013  Ruth Musielak, PhD  Water sources: Improvement in the Irish and English designed landscape, 1660-1800
2012 Medb Ruane, PhD  Seeing, Reading, Writing:  a psychoanalytic interpretation of Louis le Brocquy’s Táin 
2011 Kate Antosik Parsons, PhD Remembering & Forgetting: Memory & Gender in Irish time-based art 
2011  Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska, PhD  Egyptian archaeological textiles from 3rd to 11th century CE – in the collection of the National Museum of Ireland
2011 Audrey Nicholls, PhD  Temptation and Transgression: Images of Christ and the Adulteress, and of Adulteress, and of Susanna and the Elders, in Renaissance Venice
2010  Sheila Dickinson, PhD  Gender and Art Pratice in Contemporary Irish Art: an in depth study of the work of Alice Maher, Dorothy Cross and Kathy Prendergast
2010  Vera Murtagh, MLitt  Andrew Nicholl: Artist, Teacher and Traveller
2009  Conor Lucey, PhD  ‘Made in the new Taste’: domestic neoclassicism and the Dublin building industry, 1765-1801
2009  Emily Mark-FitzGerald, PhD  Memorials and Monuments to the Irish Famine: Commemorative Art and History
2008 Eimear O'Connor, PhD Sean Keating 1889-1977 – New Perspectives
2008 Anne-Marie Keaveney, MLitt Daniel O’Neill 1920-1974
2007 Angela Cowhey, PhD Dublin Cabinetmakers and their Clientele in the period 1880-1841
2007 Sarah Drumm, MLitt 'None but persons of fashion need apply': Dublin Townhouses of the Irish MPs 1750-1800
2007 Ruth Sheehy, MLitt “O’ Lord, I love the habitation of thy house and the place where thy glory dwells”  The Religious Art of Richard King in Ireland: 1933-73
2006 Nesta Butler, PhD William Baillie (1728-1810): Printmaker, connoisseur and dealer
2006 Mary Clark, PhD The Dublin Civic Portrait Collection: Patronage, Politics and patriotism, 1548-2000
2006 Róisín Kennedy, PhD Politics of Vision: Critical Writing on Art in Ireland, 1939–1972
2006 Mary Frances Patton, MLitt The Religious Stained Glass Windows of Evie Hone