The establishment of the Research Advisory Network (RAN) is an important step towards enhancing our research profile, supporting a dynamic research environment, and fostering a deeper interdisciplinary culture.

The RAN is made up of full professors in the College of Arts and Humanities, to bring together expertise from across the seven Schools in the College. The purpose of the RAN is to provide dedicated research advice and to create opportunities for deepening inter-disciplinary connections.

As professors with a sustained record of excellence, the members of the RAN can help you across grant applications, publications and public impact. Members of the RAN can offer you invaluable guidance, insight and specialist support across these three critical areas at key moments in your research project.

The RAN is available to all permanent members of staff. Please browse contact details, research interests and advisory areas of the RAN detailed below to enable you access the best support.

We strongly encourage you to seek support through this Network and we look forward to hearing how the RAN might benefit your research over the coming months and years.

Professor Sarah Prescott, Principal UCD College of Arts and Humanities,
Associate Professor William Mulligan, VP for Research, Innovation and Impact

Download PDF Flyer What is the Research Advisory Network? Who can access the RAN? How do I access the RAN? Can I contact colleagues from other schools? I am interested, what should I do next? Developing the RAN