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Yeah, it's a homepage ..... I just have random links and nothing of any interest about me ..... sorry.

Before we start, here is my favourite video ....(or here)..... it speaks of so much.

I also like this one of Bush and Blair duetting.

And this one of Will Ferrall as Dubya.

And you can really bash Dubya around in this movie by grabbing him with your cursor.

You could also just go straight to the The Secular Web.   Or read the funniest magazine on the web, The Onion.   Or find the Truth ....... really, just the truth.

You could also visit the website of the sect involving some students of mine: The Ultimate Comment. These guys really must have nothing to do!

Read about being a drunkard.  Watch a Big Ad for beer. Watch great videos at iFilm. Then there is Elvis the sacred heart.  Those of you who still believe in the paranormal need to visit James Randi's homepage. Or try the Humour archive at Merton College. Or 'Overheard in Dublin'.  Or read Ballygobackwards or Langerisland for the latest news in Ireland. Or for witty American news!

All questions are answered at the straight dope, try it, they will have the answer!

And there's more!

Here is a coffee pot - (I kid you not!).

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