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Revision Week

1-5 Dec

It’s the final week of college before the exams and winter break. So it’s an important week to make sure you are taking care of yourself in all the right ways so you are as ready as you can be to head into the exam hall in the RDS Examination Centre in Simmonscourt at the end of the week. Bear in mind it is also a busy time in the library because every other student will be in the same preparation mode as you.

For you it will be a week of…

  • Informing yourself on UCD exam regulations and arrangements – for example what you need to bring and not bring with you, how to get to the RDS, what can you expect when you get there etc there is a lot of detail available on line - check out ‘During Examinations’ 
  • Checking out the UCD Student Advisers Academic Survival Kit – it has some really excellent tips on keeping healthy and rested right up to the exams, also how to make sure you are set up for the exam day itself as well as helpful advice on how to progress through the exams 
  • If you miss an exam for any reason, don’t panic – it happens! Always go into the exam even if you are an hour late, you will be allowed in. However you need to get in touch with your module coordinator as soon as possible to seek advice on how to proceed. So take some useful contact details down before you leave college – at the very least have the contacts for your Academic Coordinators, Student Advisers and the BA Programme Office with you. It’s also useful to have some numbers of classmates in case you get into last minute trouble and need to contact someone.

And good luck!

We hope you have enjoyed Semester 1 at UCD and we look forward to seeing you again in January.

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