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Week 2

15-19 Sept -GET INVOLVED!!

An important week to look at how you might organize your studies and manage your workload. It is also Fresher’s Week, a great opportunity to join the huge range of clubs and societies in UCD.

For you it will be a week of…

  • Checking out when assignments are due (usually between week 4-7) and organize how you will manage your study preparation for each one.
  • Logging into your UCD Connect email account regularly and also into Blackboard – where lecturers post lectures notes etc. for your modules. If you are unsure about either of these services check out the UCD IT support webpage 
  • For more essential instruction on how to use Blackboard, attending the 'More on Blackboard' - a how to session on various aspects of Blackboard - your online learning environment. More details here.
  • Becoming familiar with the library – go visit the library and also check out these online library supports – particularly the courses and workshop section 
  • Checking out the UCD Student Advisers Academic Survival kit – it has some really excellent tips on getting the most from your lectures/tutorials, taking notes in lectures, mind mapping, how to read effectively etc 
  • Coming along to the first seminar, the first in a series of transitional and study support seminars we have planned this semester - this one will address all the supports that can help you with the transition into college life. College Culture, helpful tips on your transition to college life, Thr. M Newman Building 1-2pm on Thursday 19th September.
  • Joining new clubs and societies – a great way to make new friends but also develop new skills (communication, negotiation, leadership) in an activity you enjoy. These skills will help you stand out from the crowd at future job application/interview situations as employers seek students who not only have good academic records but you can also demonstrate personal development in key areas. Head down to the Fresher’s tent and get involved. Check here for UCD sports and societies 
  • Meeting your Peer Mentor group – your Peer Mentor will be in touch to organize a meeting to see how you are all settling in and to take you on a library tour. Do go along and meet your group again, have fun and help each other out.
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