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Weeks 11 & 12

17-28 Nov

So with less than a month away and you might be beginning to feel pressure around the upcoming exams. Or not! You might be excited about all the learning and looking forward to applying it in your winter assignments and exams. Either way some supports are in place for you over the next two weeks if you need them to help you prepare and perhaps relieve some exam anxiety.

For you it will be a time of…

  • Continuing to attend lectures and tutorials as it is a very useful time to pick up exams tips from your remaining lectures and tutorials
  • Making sure all your notes are up to date
  • Seek help with your academic writing by attending a drop-in writing clinic (for those taking subjects in the College of Arts & Celtic studies). Drop-in Writing Clinics November 2014‌ for more details.
  • Checking out the UCD Student Advisers Academic Survival Kit – it has some really excellent tips on revision for exams and dealing with exam anxiety.
  • Informing yourself on UCD exam processes.  Ask your lecturers, tutors, peer mentors and check online here for useful exam information.
  • Looking up past exam papers so you get a sense of what you can expect – you can access exam past papers here 
  • Checking your exam timetable – if you haven’t already done so you can access your exam timetables here 
  • Taking some time to complete the Student Feedback on Modules online at Your opinion is important. More information can be found here
  • Attending the final seminar this semester in our series of transitional and study supports. This seminar will focus on revision techniques to help you prepare well for your exams. More information here.  
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