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Weeks 7 & 8

20-24 Oct

This is a good time to come up for breath from the whirlwind of new college experiences and academic life. It is important to take stock, assess how you are settling in and where necessary take advantage of some of the supports available to you as you progress through this first semester.

For you it will be a week of…

  • Taking advantage of ‘feedback’ sessions can improve your learning and grades. It is really useful for you to take the opportunity offered by your lecturers and tutors to get feedback on your assignments, this is so you can learn to improve and do better next time. You can also make an appointment with your lecturer or tutor and ask for feedback.
  • Having a look again at what support services are available to students in UCD -  could any of these be helpful to you now or can you see a place for them in the near future?
  • Remembering if you need to talk to anyone there are various people you can approach. The BA Student Advisers provide support for all students throughout their university experience, particularly during their first year – their details are here. You can also visit the counselling centre which provides a free confidential counselling service to students of the University. The service is based within the Student Health Service, which is located upstairs in the Student Centre. More information here 
  • Seek help with your academic writing by attending a drop-in writing clinic (for those taking subjects in the College of Arts & Celtic studies). See Drop-in Writing Clinics October 2014 for more details. Attending some of the transitional and study support seminars we have planned this semester. This week's seminar will look at top tips on living well away from home - managing budgets, new housemates etc. More information here.
  • Getting involved if you haven’t already done so – check out the clubs and societies you could get involved in 
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