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Weeks 2 & 3

‌‌‌‌26 Jan - 6 Feb

Like in the first semester it will be important to take time to organize yourself for effective study this semester. So some of the things you might consider to set time aside for over the next two weeks are listed below.

For you it will be a fortnight of…

  • Checking out when assignments are due for your new modules and organize how you will manage your study preparation for each one. 
  • Re-familiarizing yourself with the library – go visit the library and also check out these online library supports – particularly the courses and workshop section 
  • Spending some time this week drawing up your individual study timetable for semester 2, mark in when assignments need to be handed in and how much study you are able to give to each and when. Be realistic about this and make sure to balance your study with enjoyable social activities.
  • Meeting your Peer Mentor group – your Peer Mentor will be in touch to organize a final meeting this this year. Do go along and ask whatever questions you have about exam results and what to look out for in semester two. 
  • Checking out Refreshers Dayif you missed out on joining a society or club earlier in the year or want to try something new, or have just registered for one semester, why not go along and talk to the various clubs and societies on Refreshers Day and see what is on offer. 
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