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What do I do if…FAQ

The Students Advisers website has some really useful practical information for students so don’t forget to check it out.

You should also refer once more to the ‘Guide to the BA for new students’, an invaluable source of information that addresses most questions students ask. 

There is also a lot of information on UCD’s website in the policy section which provides academic policies, procedures, guidance documents, codes of practice and forms. Where relevant links to this site have been provided below.

Some areas that you might be concerned about:

Where can I find my module descriptors?

You can find your module descriptors here and search under the module title.

What do I do if I can’t hand in my course work on time?

If you have a legitimate reason for not handing your course work in on time you can apply for an extension. Contact your school directly about this.

Am I penalized if I hand my assignment in late?

If you hand in an assignment past the due date, the school has the right to penalize you. For assignments handed in within a week after the submission date, the school has the right to deduct 10% of your overall mark. For assignments handed in within two weeks after the submission date, the school has the right to deduct 20% of your overall mark. Anything after two weeks may not be accepted. But remember if you have a legitimate reason for not handing your assignment in on time – talk to your school about this. There is more information available in the following Late Submission policy.

What can I do if I miss a mid-term assignment / exam because of circumstances beyond my control?

You can apply for ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ – which takes into account unforeseen circumstances in students’ lives that prevent them from attending class, handing in assignments or sitting exams. For more information on what constitutes ‘extenuating circumstances’ as well as guidance notes and application forms then do refer to UCD policy here

You can also talk directly to your School or to the Programme Office staff about this.

What if I fail a module?

If you fail a module you may be given the option to re-sit the exam or repeat the module. Go into your UCD Connect on the UCD website, then in the left hand bar go into the Current Students Tab, then go into Assessment. There you will see Re-sits/ Repeats FAQ. Click into this and scroll down and click onto the FAQ section. It should answer the questions you have.

If you want to appeal your results you can do so on the basis of one of three different grounds. For more information just visit the appeals page on the UCD website. 

What if I have a problem paying my fees or my grant is late?

For any queries regarding fees or grants, you can talk to the Student Desk on the ground floor in the Tierney Building.

There is also a lot of information in the FAQ section of their webpage here.

I am struggling to afford college? Can I get any financial help?

You may be entitled to financial assistance from the University. Contact your Student Advisers to discuss your particular situation.

I have a disability that affects my studies where can I get advice and help on this?

There are special supports for students with a disability provided through the UCD Disability Support Service. Check here for more details or contact them on (01) 716 7565.

What if I want to transfer between programmes?

You can transfer internally between university programmes or externally from another third level institution to a UCD programme but… you are not guaranteed a transfer. Transfers can happen between different programmes within a subject area, between stages of a subject area or from one subject area to a different subject area. For more information check out UCD’s Transfer's policy as there are certain procedures and cut-off dates for that you need to be aware of.

You can also talk to the Programme Office staff about this.

What if I am unhappy with college and want to withdraw from the BA?

The first thing is to continue attending your lectures and tutorials and try and gather as much information as possible so you can be confident that you are making the right decision for you.

Read the following Document - Don't Drop Out Until You Drop In 

A range of people (Your Peer Mentor, Student Advisers, Academic Staff, Student Engagement Officer, Career Development Centre, Programme Office etc.) will all be available to help talk through any issues that are arising. They will be able to help you consider your options and help you with gathering all the information you need.

A decision to withdraw from your programme may have implications (including financial) that you havent considered so make sure you know all the facts - please inform yourself by reading the UCD Wthdrawal Policy and visit the Fees and Grants section of the UCD Registry website.  

Any BA student who is thinking of withdrawing is strongly encouraged to talk to the Student Engagement Officer for the BA, Elena Gamble. She is located on the ground floor around the corner from the Programme Office in room G002 or you can email her on or phone (01) 716 8610.

If you do decide to withdraw you must fill out the Withdrawal Notification Form (also found with the Withdrawal Policy here) and hand this into the UCD Arts and Celtic Studies and Human Sciences Programme Office along with your student card. 

What if I want / need to take time off college?

There may be circumstances in which you will want/need to take some time off. You must apply for this as a ‘leave of absence’. You will need to fill out a form which you can get from the Programme Office and there is a deadline for receipt of applications. If you do not apply for leave of absence and just decide to take time off, there will be fee implications as well as academic consequences. Check here for more information and the' Leave of Absence' application form. 

You can also talk to the Programme Office staff about this.

How do I find out more information on moving into stage 2?

The Programme Office's website has detailed information on moving into or 'progression requirements for' stage 2. Check here for more details. 

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