BDIC St. Patrick's day celebrations 2017


2017 saw the 4th annual BDIC St. Patrick's day celebrations. As always, the parade was the centrepiece of the week's events, but there were plenty of other activities which helped to showcase Ireland and also the inventiveness of our students. The week's activities were organised by the BDIC Irish culture club, led by Colin, one of our stage one students and Yu Liu from the student affairs office. Our resident Corkman (and English teacher) , Kieran Phipps played a key role in the celebrations - a sort of Beijing parade grand marshal - and had this to say of the week's events:

"Having the opportunity to take part in this year's parade for St. Patrick's Day at BDIC was a wonderful experience. Not only was there a fantastic effort made by the student body as a whole to get involved in the day's activities, everyone showed great spirit and pride in being part of the BDIC community. Even though Ireland is thousands of miles away, on March 17th, I felt like I was at home. It was great to see such a co-operative effort and left me feeling very proud to be both Irish and a teacher here."

Prior to the day itself, there was a movie screening, featuring Irish short films.  There was also a coffee morning in BDIC's very own Shamrock Room, featuring Barry's tea, milk, Club and Penguin bars. The event proved to be pretty popular as we soon ran out of tea, milk, cups, bars and everything else, but we were pleased to see so many in attendance. This included not only students from BDIC but also some from the International College of BJUT, with several UCD exchange students among them. 

BDIC coffee morning 2017

A‌fter the coffee morning, we were delighted to welcome an authentic Irish band to the College. They brought along a couple of very talented dancers and created a fantastic atmosphere.

Thursday saw a group of staff and students accompany the Irish Ambassador, his excellency Paul Kavanagh, to the great Wall at Badaling. There, they witnessed the greening of the Wall - the second successive year this honour has been bestowed upon Ireland.


The final event of the week was of course the Parade on the 17th. The attendance and participation from our stage one students was fantastic and they really did a great job in making themselves as green as possible. 

Paddy's day parade 2017

It was also great to see so many of our lecturers attend the parade - important too as they were able to serve as judges and hand out the prizes for the best posters and costumes on the day.