Class of 2016 welcome ceremony

September 7, 20

September 2016 marked another significant step in the development of BDIC. 304 stage one students were enrolled, marking the largest intake of new students since the the first students entered the College in 2012. This new intake also saw the BDIC student body grow to over 1,000 students, another impressive landmark. The entry of these new students means that for the first time, BDIC has a full student complement in all four stages, as well as graduates who are pursuing masters programmes in a variety of institutions in China and abroad, including seven at UCD. 

The BDIC 2016 new student welcome ceremony was held at the Gongda Jianguo hotel. Present were BJUT President Prof. Gonghui Liu, BJUT Vice President Prof. Bin Wu, BDIC Vice Principal Dr. Ailish O’Halloran, representatives of various BDIC departments, Class Counsellors and Programme lecturers. The ceremony was hosted by BDIC Vice principal Prof. Lijia Cai.

On behalf of the more than 20,000 students and staff of BJUT Vice President Prof. Bin Wu warmly welcomed the new BDIC students and offered them sincere congratulations. He introduced the history of BDIC and congratulated the students on the rich and varied life they would have at BDIC. Prof. Bin also emphasised the high quality of the teaching resources of both institutions, who’s vitality and innovation would stimulate the youthful passion of the students and create a new chapter in the history of BDIC. UCD BDIC Vice Principal Dr. Ailish O’Halloran gave an introduction to UCD’s excellent educational achievements and unique teaching methodology. She emphasised that University marked a new chapter in life where students would learn and experience multiculturalism by making friends with the world. Dr.O’Halloran also spoke of the high expectation she had for the new students, encouraged them to study well and treasure the opportunity that society had bestowed upon them. BDIC English language lecturer and qualified IELTS examiner Andy McIntosh then spoke about the importance and meaning of English language study. He stressed the need for students to make English a tool to use in their daily life and learn how to use English to work, communicate and live. Minghui Zou and Jia Song from the stage 3 Finance programme made speeches as student representatives. They encouraged the new students to study hard, treasure and manage their time well but at the same time not forget the enthusiasm and feeling of youth. Fangjiao Liu and Taoyuan Wang represented the new students.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. O’Halloran presented the new students with their UCD scarves, which expressed a special meaning of the hope invested in the students. The scarves have four colours: blue for hope, yellow for thought and progress, black for knowledge and work and Irish blue for culture.