Hitachi visit to BDIC

September 22, 2016

The head of Hitachi’s Technology production department, Mr. Ishikawa Sadahiro, was appointed BJUT consultant professor. Present at the appointment ceremony were BDIC Principal Prof. Zhongliang Liu, BDIC Provost Prof. David FitzPatrick as well as all students from the 2015 Internet of Things Engineering & Software Engineering programmes. BDIC Vice Principal Prof. Lijia Cai hosted the appointment ceremony. 

Prof. Fitzpatrick welcomed Mr. Sadahiro’s appointment and made a short speech. Prof. Liu then presented Mr. Sadahiro with a certificate of appointment which officially confirmed him as a consultant professor of BJUT. Mr. Sadahiro also made a speech in which he thanked the University for their invitation and appointment, saying he would do his best to contribute to education. Following the appointment ceremony, Mr Sadahiro delivered a lecture to the students entitled “System development and process”.

Mr. Sadahiro (3rd right) accepting his award