Students of Beijing-Dublin International College meeting with Professor Gerry Byrne, Dean of Engineering

October 2012

Following approval by the Chinese Ministry of Education for establishment of the International College, and the approval by Academic Council of the Beijing Dublin International College as a recognized college of UCD, degree programme approvals have now been obtained in UCD to start the delivery of Programmes in Beijing. For the 2012/13 academic year, a small cohort of students has just been recruited to a new degree Programme, based on Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and internet-enabled sensor and communications technologies, known in China as ‘The Internet of Things Engineering’.

It is intended to expand the number of programmes to four next year, with degree options from Computer Science, Mathematics and Business. Over the next four years, the International College is expected to grow to about 3,000 students across a range of programmes in Science, Engineering, Management, Business and the Humanities.

Following six years as Head of the School of Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and, most recently, his role as Vice-Principal for Internationalization & Development in the College of Engineering & Architecture, Professor David FitzPatrick has been appointed by UCD as Provost (Chief Academic Officer) of the College and will be responsible for the design, delivery and quality of the academic programmes in Beijing. The first meeting of the Joint Management Committee of the College is scheduled for 19th November, with the official launch to follow later in the year, possibly in March 2013.