Visit to the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin

January 23, 2014

A group of 30 visiting BDIC students went to the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, to meet with the Mayor, Mr Oisin Quinn. 

The official residence is known as the Mansion House, or Teach an Ard-Mhéara, and is located on Dawson Street in Dublin. It was built in 1710 and became the Mayor's residence in 1715. The most famous feature of the Mansion House is the round room, where the Irish Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on January 21, 1919. 

Mayor Quinn had attended the BDIC opening ceremony in 2013, during which he chatted with students and made friends with them. When the 30 students came to the Mansion House, Mayor Quinn was there to greet them. Mr Quinn is the 344th Mayor of Dublin. He wore around his neck the chain of office, which represents the standingMayor and is as a cultural artefact more than 300 years old. The Mayor then took time to explain its historical background.  Mayor Quinn hoped that students would take advantage of the opportunity of the visit to look around and learn, enjoying Ireland’s charming traditions and become junior ambassadors for cultural exchange between China and Ireland.  

Students took full advantage of the opportunity to communicate and demonstrate their English fluency. Everyone thanked Mr Quinn for his warm welcome and afterwards related some of their experiences in Dublin and at the UCD campus. The more artistically-minded students even played a lovely piece on the piano, for the enjoyment of the Mayor and all in attendance.