Study in Dublin

This guide will explain the explain selection criteria and application procedures for BDIC students who wish to complete the final year of their degree at the UCD campus in Dublin. These criteria have been decided by BDIC in partnership with relevant UCD Schools: Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Business and Economics. Selection criteria may vary between schools.

In addition to the guide below, you can get lots of useful information on preparing to go to Ireland and living there from UCD International.

Visit the UCD Fees website for information on the cost of your programme. Use the programme codes listed below in the application section to find your programme.

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Students will be ranked based on their GPA and their English language performance. Students who meet the English language requirement outlined below will be ranked ahead of students who do not meet this requirement, even if their GPA is lower. In the event of two students meeting the English language requirement, the one with the higher GPA will be ranked higher. In all cases, students must meet the minimum GPA requirement listed below.

GPA for 2019/20 stage 4 entry has been calculated according to these formulae:

ProgrammeStage 2 UCD GPAStage 3 Semester 1 UCD GPA
Internet of Things 50% 50%
Software Engineering 66% 33%
BComm Finance 66% 33%

This table shows the minimum GPA required to study in Dublin:

BDIC ProgrammeUCD Host SchoolMinimum GPA
Internet of Things Electrical & Electronic Engineering 3.08
Software Engineering Computer Science 3.08
BComm Finance Quinn School of Business 3.5
  Economics 3.08

In all cases, the minimum GPA is one of the criteria for studying in Dublin. Please note also that you must be complete for all of stage 2 and for semester one of stage 3 to be eligible for an offer.

Students are required to meet the UCD English language requirements for undergraduate study at UCD. Students who fulfil this requirement and have reached the GPA requirement (listed above) will be given preference over those who have not met the language requirement. In order to be considered for your application to study in Dublin, the deadline for submission of IELTS results is Friday March 15, 2019

If available places to study in Dublin remain unfilled, students who do not meet the English language requirements will be considered. BDIC will rank these students on the basis of their GPA and English language ability as measured in the IELTS examination or other recognised English language tests and may consider a combination of results where students have sat more than one examination. Where students do not fully meet the English language requirements outlined above, other options may be considered. These may include internal assessments and a Pre-Sessional English langauge programme at the UCD Applied Language Centre.



All applications should be made through the UCD online applications system, which will be open for BDIC stage 3 students on Monday, November 26, 2018. The application deadline is 17:00 on Friday, March 15, 2019.

Please choose from the list below according to your current programme of study. Finance students may choose Finance or Economics programmes:

As students of UCD, you do not need to set up a new account. Select the option to use an existing account and use your UCD student number as the username. Your password will be the same as you currently use to access UCD systems. Once you have logged in, your personal details and course choice should be automatically populated. Once you have checked all details, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the green submit button. Your application should now be uploaded to the UCD system and you should receive an email in your UCD account to confirm this.

A decision on your application will be made after the deadline listed above. This is because part of the assessment will be based on the results of examinations taken in semester one.  

BDIC Finance students who are in Category 1 will be given an option to study at either the UCD Quinn Business School or the UCD School of Economics. Some Category 3 students who have a GPA of 3.5 or above may also be given this option.

The following number of places are available in the 2019/20 academic year. 

Internet of Things Electrical and Electronic Engineering TBA*
Software Engineering Computer Science 20
Finance Quinn Business 20
Finance Economics 15

It is very important to note that BDIC will only offer spaces to students who meet the minimum criteria.  This may result in some available places remaining unfilled.

*This programme will announce the number of places available shortly and updates will be posted on this page

If you have not received an offer by the end of the application process or if you decide not to take up an offer you will study in Beijing for Stage 4. You will continue to be taught through English by UCD Lecturers and you will still receive both a UCD and BJUT degree upon graduation. These degrees carry the same advantages and benefits as those of students who study in Dublin. These degrees will be of great benefit to you if you wish to follow postgraduate and career opportunities overseas. If you are concerned about your future opportunities please communicate with your Student Advisor or the BDIC Student Affairs Office.