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Scoil na Bitheolaíochta agus na hEolaíochta Comhshaoil UCD

SBES Academic Staff


‌‌Prof. Jeremy Simpson

Prof. Jeremy Simpson  |  Professor  |  Head of School  |  Vice Principal International - College of Science  |  Head of Cell and Molecular Biology  |  Coordinator of MSc in Imaging and Microscopy.

Research Interests: Eukaryotic membrane traffic pathways; cellular systems; cytoskeleton function; light microscopy; recombination cloning; GFP-tagging and RNA interference.

 Websites: Cell Screening Lab  &  UCD Nanomedicine


Dr. Jan-Robert Baars

Dr. Jan Robert Baars  |  Lecturer  |  Coordinator of MSc in Applied Environmental Science

Research Interests: Invasion biology, invertebrate ecology, aquatic and terrestrial entomology, pest control, biological control, environmental impact assessment.

Websites: Aquens & MSc in Applied Environmental Science


 Dr. Tom Bolger

Prof. Tom Bolger  |  Professor  |  Head of Zoology  |  Chairman of Board of Studies for Access to Science, Agriculture & Engineering Programme. 

Research Interests: Community Ecology; relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; soil zoology; decomposition and nutrient dynamics in soils.


 Dr. Jens Carlsson

Dr. Jens Carlsson  | Lecturer

Research Interests: Population and conservation genetics, genotype with sequencing, eDNA, ePCR, metabarcoding and aquatic organisms.

Website: Area 52


 Dr. Tasman Crowe

Dr. Tasman Crowe  | Senior Lecturer  |  Associate Dean of Science Taught Programmes - College of Science

Research Interests: Marine community ecology; links between biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services; impacts of individual and multiple stressors on marine ecosystems; biological indicators; functional traits; spread impact and control of invasive species.

Website: MarBee



Prof. Fiona Doohan

Prof. Fiona Doohan  |  Associate Professor  |  Head of Research and Innovation - College of Science 

Research Interests:  Plant pathogen and plant mycotin interactions; new technologies for the generation of transgenic plants.


Dr. Evelyn Doyle

Dr. Evelyn Doyle |  Senior Lecturer  | Deputy Head of School  

Research Interests: Environmental microbioloy; microbial ecology of soil; rumen microbiology; biodegradation of recalcitrant compounds.


 Dr. John Finarelli

Dr. John Finarelli  |  Lecturer

Research Interests: Evolutionary biology; total evidence phylogenetics ; comparatie anatomy; morphometrics.


Dr. Wieland Fricke

Dr. Wieland Fricke  |  Lecturer  

Research Interests: Plant water and solute relations; root water uptake; leaf growth; aquaporins; cuticle; potassium channels; membrane transport; cereals; salinity and mineral nutrient stress.


Dr. Tamara Hochstrasser

Dr. Tamara Hochstrasser  | Lecturer  |  SBES Head of Safety 

Research Interests: Biodiversity management; ecosystem services; individual/agent-based modelling; agri-environment; environmental impact assessment; urban ecosystems; land use; climate change mitigation and adaptation; science and policy.

Website: Research Gate Profile


Dr. Mary Kelly-Quinn

Dr. Mary Kelly Quinn  |  Senior Lecturer  |  Coordinator of MSc in Environmental Sustainability (online)  |  National Rep of Internation Society of Limnology.

Research Interests: Freshwater ecology; bioassessment of river water quality; impact of land use pressure and their mitigation; ecosystem services;  fisheries ecology.


Dr. Paul McCabe

Dr. Paul McCabe  |  Senior Lecturer  |  Head of Botany

Research Interests: Plant programmed cell death; crop responses to stress; somatic embryogenesis; chloroplast genetics; chloroplast 'pharming'.

Websites: MSc in Plant Biology & Biotechnology & BSc in Plant Biology 


Dr. Jenny McElwain

Prof. Jennifer McElwain  |  Associate Professor  |  Director of Programme for Experimental Atmosphere and Climate Lab  

Research Interests: Plant evolution; stomatal biology; plant-climate interactions; plant-atmosphere interaction; palaeobotany; palaeoecology.

Website: Plant Paleo



Male Outline

Prof. Christoph Mueller  |  Adjunct Professor  |  Joint Coordinator of the MSc in Global Change; Ecosystem Science and Policy  | Head of Department of Institute of Plant Ecology - Giessen University

Research Interests: Stable Isotape Ecology; Greenhouse gas emissions; ecosystem modelling; experimental plant ecology; grassland ecology; free air carbon dioxide enrichment.


 Dr. Carl Ng

Dr. Carl Ng  |  Senior Lecturer  |  Coordinator of MSc in Plant Biology & Biotechnology

Research Interests:  Plant cell biology; cell signalling; abiotic stress; plant lipids; sphingolipids; lipodomics.

Website: MSc in Plant Biology and Biotechnology


Dr. Catherine Nolan

Dr. Kay Nolan  | Senior Lecturer  |  SBES Head of Graduate Studies

Research Interests: Evolution of genomic imprinting; genetic disease in dogs; insultin-like growth factors in animal development.


Prof. Bruce Osborne

Prof. Bruce Osbourne  |  Associate Professor  |  Board Member of European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)

Research Interests: Carbon sequestration; climate change; invasive plants; ecosystem greenhouse gas emissions; the Gunnera-Nostoc symbiosis.

Website: Ecophysiology Research Group


Dr. Gavin Stewart

Dr. Gavin Stewart  |  Lecturer  |  SBES Head of Teaching and Learning  |  Joint Coordinator of MSc in Biological & Biomolecular Science NL

Research Interests: Gastrointestinal and renal physiologoy; urea; short chain fatty acids; membrane transporter proteins.

Website: MSc in Biological and Biomolecular Scienc NL



Dr. Ken Whelan

Prof. Ken Whelan  




 Dr. Tom Wilkinson

Dr. Tom Wilkinson  |  Head of Environmental Biology 

Research Interests: Insect-plant interactions; plant defence strategies against insects.



‌‌Dr. Jon Yearsley

 Dr. Jon Yearsley  |  Lecturer  |  Coordinator of MSc in Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests: Dispersal and invasion ecology; landscape genetics; wildfire in peatlands.

Websites: Ecological Modelling & MSc in Evolutionary Biology


Prof. Emma Teeling

Prof. Emma Teeling  |  Associate Professor  | SBES Head of Research and Innovation  |  Director of Centre for Irish Bat Research.

Research Interests: Mammal evolution; comparative genomics; speciation; evolution of ageing; sensory perception; phylogenetics; molecular ecology; bats.

Website: Bat Lab


Dr. Benjamin Charlton

 Dr. Benjamin Charlton  |  Lecturer

Research Interests: Mammal vocal communication; female mating preferences; sexual selection; evolution of music and language.

Website: Research Gate


Dr. Rainer Melzer

 Dr. Rainer Melzer  | Lecturer

Research Interests: Flower development; development robustness; evolutionary developmental genetics; MADS-box genes; protein-DNA interactions; transcription factors.



 Patricia Cunningham

Ms. Patricia Cunningham  |  Academic Manager & Assistant Lecturer of Environmental Sustainability (online)

Websites: MSc/Graduate Diploma/Cert in Environmental Sustainability




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