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Scoil na BitheolaĆ­ochta agus na hEolaĆ­ochta Comhshaoil UCD

Dr Tasman Crowe BSc, PhD

Teaching Interests:

Undergraduate modules:

  • Animal diversity and evolution
  • Invertebrate diversity
  • Systems ecology
  • Marine community ecology
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Biogeography and Field Biology (incl field course, Spain)
  • Core skills for research
  • Postgraduate Integrated project on sustainable development

Each year of my tenure at UCD, I have supervised 1-5 honours projects and 2 projects for taught MSc. Subjects have included:

  • Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning relationships 
  • Impacts of artificial structures on intertidal biodiversity
  • Impacts of pollution & trampling on intertidal biodiversity
  • Impacts of strand clearance on biodiversity of sandy beaches
  • Fluctuating asymmetry in barnacles as an indicator pollution
  • Mussel gaping as an indicator of pollution
  • Effects of coastline configuration on intertidal biodiversity
  • Predator-prey interactions: mussels and their predators
  • Temporal variation in molluscan abudance
  • Morphology of gastropods: current and historical patterns in relation to climate (with Irish Natural History Museum)

Invited 2 day workshops on Experimental design and ANOVA  have been given for researchers and postgraduate students at University of Southampton, UK (1999, 2000), University of Plymouth, UK (2001) and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (2005, 2006).

Recent Postgraduate Students:

Nessa O'Connor
Ruth Leeney
Maya Rajasekharan
Geoff Oliver
Jennifer Lawson
Ciara O'Leary
Ruth Higgins
Tony Knights
Louise Firth
Cormac Nolan
Javier Atalah
Jayne Fitch
Olwyen Mulholland
Sophie Nicol

Silvia Saloni
Paul Brooks
Ronan MacAoidh
Judith Kochmann
Dannielle Green
Chloe Kinsella
Tone Noklegaard
Caroline Kerrigan
Ciara Murphy (co-supervised with N Clipson, E Doyle and C Rocha (TCD))

Debora Borges (co-supervised with P Doncaster University of Southampton)
Marion Twomey (co-supervised with M Emmerson University College Cork)

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