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Scoil na BitheolaĆ­ochta agus na hEolaĆ­ochta Comhshaoil UCD

SBES Research Funded Staff


‌‌Male Outline

Dr. Giuseppe Benanti  | Post Doc Research Assistant  

Research Interests: Climate change and forestry-mediated amelioration; micrometeorology; GIS mapping of greenhous gas emissions at the national level; microbiology of the nitrogen cycle; molecular botany (plant cell wall protein characterisation).


‌‌Male Outline

Dr. Edward Casey  



 ‌Dr. Caroline Elliott-Kingston

 Dr. Caroline Elliott-Kingston  |  Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Impact of different atmospheric ratios of O2:CO2 on plant physiology; reproductive fitness and stomatal function in ferns; gymnosperms and angiosperms.

Website: UCD Plant Palaeoecology


 ‌George Galea

Dr. George Galea  

Website: Cell Screening Lab


 ‌Dr. Theresa Reape

 Dr. Theresa Reape |  Research Fellow

Research Interests: Plant programmed cell death; conifer somatic embryogenesis.



 Dr. Joanna Kacprzyk

Dr. Joanna Kacprzyk 



 Edel Hannigan

Dr. Edel Hannigan  |  Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Freshwater ecology, river typology, ecological assessment of waterbodies.

Website: Rare Type


Hugh Feeley

Dr. Hugh Feeley  |  Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Freshwater ecology, global change, ecosystem services

Website: ESmanage

Conor Whelan

Mr. Conor Whelan  |  Research Technician

Website: BatLab


‌‌Dr. Alexandre Perochon

Dr. Alexandre Perochon |  Post Doc

Research Interests: Plant biotic and abiotic stress, cereal genetics; plant cell signalling; protein-protein interaction; molecular biology and biochemistry.

Website: Research Gate Profile


‌‌Female Outline

Dr. Florence Renou-Wilson |  Senior Researcher   |  Joint Coordinator of the MSc in Global Change; Ecosystem Science and Policy  |  Senior Researcher

Research Interests: Peatlands and organic soils; greenhouse gas emissions; vulnerability to climate change; biodiversity; forestry; sustainable land use; environmental monitoring and water quality; ecological modelling and appropriate assessment.

Website: MSc in Global Change


 ‌Dr. Wuu Kuang Soh

Dr. Wuu Soh 



 ‌‌Dr. Sean Storey

Dr. Sean Storey  | Post Doc  |  Teaching Fellow

Research Interests: Environmental microbiology; xenobiotic degradation; microbial ecology; applied microbiology.


Dr. Charilaos Yiotis

Dr. Charlaos Yiotis  |  European Research Council Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Plany physiology; plant atmosphere interactions; plant evolution; climate change biology; eco-physiology; photochemistry; functional anatomy; non-foliar photosynthesis.

Website: Plant Palaeoecology


Sven Batke

Dr. Sven Batke  |  Researcher

Research Interests: Global change biology; tropical ecology; plant physiology; taxonomy; conservation; climatology.

Website: Plant Palaeoecology


Conor Purcell

Dr. Conor Purcell  |  SFI Post-doctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Anthropogenic and paleo climate change on a variety of timescales; oceanography; ocean-atmosphere interaction; biosphere dynamics; hydrological and carbon cycles; particular focus on vegetation-atmosphere interaction.


Eugene Dempsey

Dr. Eugene Dempsey  |  Senior Research Scientist

Research Interests: Cell motilit; gene regulation by microRNA's, bioinformatics; inflammation; cancer biology.

Website: Research Gate Profile


Ciara Egan

Ms. Ciara Egan  |  Research Assistant

Website: UCD Plant and Palaeobiology Group

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